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A Cozy and Intimate Elopement in Denmark

Lisa and Elia describe their wedding ceremony as cozy and intimate. Their elopement was in a country style, with very green and rustic surroundings.


Couple: Lisa & Elia

Engagement length: 1 year

Wedding date: 2020-08-24

Wedding location: Maribo town, Lolland island, Denmark

Photographer: Wadham Scholtz

Planner: Nordic Adventure Weddings

Lisa and Elia met seven years ago. They were both living in a residence for students who got a scholarship. They shared a kitchen and began hanging out in the common area with people who became their best friends.


Throughout the years we decided to move together in a small apartment. Elia got a job in Turin but I had to move abroad to work and the night before leaving for another country he proposed me to marry him. We were back from a restaurant’s dinner and I found our living room full filled with flowers and candles that a friend helped to arrange while we were away. We promised to each other that a year from that moment we would have started our life, not knowing exactly where we were going to live but sure that we were to be reunited. A year after we were not sure of where to celebrate our wedding. In Italy, some bureau problems were on the way of our happiness. At last we decided to elope to Denmark.”


Lisa and Elia describe their wedding ceremony as cozy and intimate. Their elopement was in a country style, with very green and rustic surroundings. After the ceremony, they wandered around the venue and took some gorgeous photos with their photographer.


Lisa was able to find a simple and nice dress Pronovia from an outlet store, shoes and purse from Italian brand Aldo. Elia wore a suit from another Italian brand for man, Bucalo.

Their venue was a Danish open-air museum, which provides a picture of village life in Lolland in the 19th century. They describe it as “fantastic, rustic and a very green place.”


“Our photographer made the photo shooting the funniest part of our wedding day. It was like walking around in a dreamy location with a friend. From time to time he would ask us to stop and then he took pictures while we were natural and spontaneous. I was goofing around, I was smirking in front of the camera and I took the shoes off my feet to feel the grass. I didn’t care to make the white dress dirty with mud, so Elia and I danced, run, we had a good time while the photographer was able to stay at our pace.”

The greatest memory I have about the wedding was of course the ceremony itself. The vows brought us to tears and before we could realize it was over the Celebrant turned to us and said “Now you’re married!” catching us by surprise. I believe the highest point of my joy was when I cried over my husband’s chest…”


Please hire the professionals – both the wedding planner and the photographer – as we did. It really helps to get a relaxed and hassle-free day.”




Venue: Open-air museum (the collection of old houses) in Maribo | Photographer: Wadham Scholtz | Planner: Nordic Adventure Weddings | Hair and makeup:

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