Ask The Experts – ‘Can I Take My flowers From the Church to the Reception?’

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“Can I keep my church flowers for the reception, or do I have to leave them to the church?” – Rita

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Bringing your church flowers to the reception is an excellent way of making good use of your flowers. A simple phone call will clarify the church’s position on whether you have to leave the flowers in the church after the ceremony, or take them with you. Before transporting the flowers to the reception you’ll need to decide how it should be done – either by asking friends or family to help out, or arranging with your florist to do it for you. The florist is a safer option, as they’ll have a vehicle of an appropriate size and holders to secure your arrangements for the journey.

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Hi Rita, good question! From a florist’s point of view the answer is yes, the flowers are yours and you have paid for them. Some of us do offer the service of transferring the flowers from the ceremony to the reception. Bit of advice though in attempting to keep the parish happy – ask at the church if they mind you taking them. Some brides leave one arrangement and take the rest, it depends on whether it’s your local parish or not. Also, we have had occasions where the church asked us to take the flowers as they had another wedding the next day. So, as you can see, there may be certain circumstances where this question will resolve itself.

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Hi Rita – yes, your flowers can be transferred to your venue. You could use the pedestal arrangements to decorate the entrance to your main dining hall, and the unity candle arrangement could be placed on the top table, or on a mantle. However, we recommend you check first with your church as each parish can vary with what is allowed, depending on the time of year.

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Hello Rita! Some brides, if they are church goers, may leave some flowers for the church. We’ve had some churches insist on the flowers being left behind! If you are going to transport the flowers, they’d generally have to get to the reception venue well in advance of the meal, so do make suitable transport arrangements.