Ask The Experts: What Does Wedding Hairstyling Cost?

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What does wedding hairstyling cost? As you create your wedding budget, it’s important to factor in all your beauty costs, including wedding hairstyling.

Having an understanding of the different wedding hair elements and costs will help you create an accurate budget allocation. You might be thinking of just your hair, but when it comes to your bridesmaids, a hair trial, touch-ups and the experience of a professional bridal hairstylist, there are several factors to consider.

Want to know what wedding hairstyling costs? Take a list below at the expert tips and an itemised list of exactly what you’d be paying for!

A HUGE thank you to Cara Cameron and Dani Pattison for their contributions and expert advice.

Featured image credit: Left – Cara Cameron, Christina Brosnan & Right – Dani Pattison Hair


Dani Pattison


Could I DIY my wedding hair?

Dani says:

Sure, you could attempt your dream wedding hairstyle yourself. But here’s the thing: your wedding day is about feeling confident and stress-free. A professional stylist has the expertise to create a look that flatters your features and withstands hours of dancing, tears of joy, and maybe even a little (or a lot) of wind and rain. They’ll also be there to calm any pre-wedding jitters and ensure you look and feel absolutely radiant on your special day.

Remember, your wedding hairstyle is an investment in capturing memories that will last a lifetime. So, go ahead, treat yourself to the professional touch – your future self will thank you!


Cara says:

You’re paying for the finesse and attention to detail, the hold that hours of dancing will require, the styles that are seen on celebs that can be replicated effortlessly, keeping the morning running on time, the experience of not only doing hair but helping with everything else on the morning, staying until the bride is ready to walk down the aisle.


Why does bridal hair pricing fluctuate?

Some hairstylists will have set prices or packages, with no variables, while others will have bespoke pricing which may fluctuate.

“Think of your wedding day as a blank canvas!” says Dani, “The complexity of your desired timeline, the amount in your bridal party, if you are looking for your stylist to stay for a second evening look and or touch ups and the stylist’s experience all play a role in the final price. Don’t be afraid to ask for quotes from several stylists to find someone who fits your budget and vision. There’s someone out there for everyone.”


Cara Cameron Hair | Krystin Healy Weddings


What does wedding hairstyling cost?

Here is an itemised list of your options…

Bridal hairstyling: from €200

Bridesmaids hairstyling: €65-€75 per bridesmaid

Mother of the bride/groom: €65-€75 per person

Flower girl: €35-€40 (some hairstylists style under 3’s for free)

Hair trial: €80-€100


What about touch-ups or a style change?

Many stylists offer a touch-up service for an additional fee. This is a lifesaver for ensuring your hairstyle stays flawless throughout the festivities, often including a “second look” for photos or after the ceremony.

Touch-ups price: €85 per hour


Should I pay for travel costs?

I always recommend covering the cost of your suppliers traveling to you. Some hairstylists will build this into their packages and others will add the cost on.

You might pay per kilometre (50c per km, return) or a set rate per hour of travel (something like €70).