Attending A Wedding Fair? Here’s What To Expect!

Planning & Advice

As each new season begins many hotels and venues host a wedding fair or showcase. Put simply, they literally show off everything on offer in terms of hosting a wedding at the venue! 

To keep up to date with all the wedding events happening across Ireland, we have a dedicated Events section that can be found with this useful link – get your diary out and get planning! 

If you’ve never attended a wedding fair, we’ve put together a little sample of what you can expect and why they are always worthwhile visiting.


Five things you will discover…

1. You will get to see the venue in all its wedding glory. The venue will go to a lot of effort beforehand to ensure their suites and designated wedding spaces are decorated as they would be on your wedding day. 

2. You’ll be introduced to the wedding team and they will be on-hand to answer any questions or queries you might have. 

3. Some venues invite suppliers from the Recommended List of Suppliers to showcase their work – who knows, you might find all your suppliers on the day! 

4. Many venues will offer exclusive on-the-day discounts and special add-ons if you decide to book your wedding with them. 

5. You’ll have the chance to meet the catering team and sample some of the delights from their kitchen. 


Five things to think about… 

1. Plan ahead – instead of spending weekends on end visiting lots of venues, ensure they are on your ‘maybe’ list, no point wasting your time! 

2. Bring the right people with you – your other half is a great person to start with, but consider asking your closest family member such as your mum or sister for a third set of eyes. 

3. Ask lots of questions – from things like vegan catering options, naked flame policy and how many weddings they host per day, ask all the questions that might make a difference to your booking decision. 

4. Relax and enjoy yourself – wedding showcases are informative and casual events, don’t stress about visiting, just relax and soak up the atmosphere!