4 Beauty Treatments To Get You Wedding-Ready

Hair, Make Up & Beauty

There are beauty treatments you’ll probably get the week before the wedding. A haircut and colour, a mani and pedi, or even a pampering massage. While we definitely recommend all of those, today we are talking about more long term beauty treatments. These are the things you should be thinking about 6 – 12 months before your Big Day to ensure that you are glowing and ready for the wedding. Think eye-popping lashes, sparkling pearly whites, a fit and healthy body and glowing skin! These four treatments will have you looking and feeling your absolute best!



Who wouldn’t want their eyes to pop on their wedding day? Apart from your gorgeous makeup, another way to achieve eye-popping lashes is to see a professional. This way you can get expert advice on eyelash tinting and extensions.

Based in Limerick, Brenda Wall will help you get wedding-ready. Beautifying your eyelashes is just one of her services, so if you’re also on the lookout for a makeup artist, Brenda is your girl!



While we certainly don’t recommend crash diets, we do recommend professional advice when it comes to weightloss. You’ll want to be looking and feeling your best on your wedding day. So what better way to get in shape than by sitting with down with someone who knows the healthiest way to do it?

Natur House is a Dublin-based group of nutritionists with over 25 years of experience. You can expect a consultation with weekly follow-ups, a meal plan that you can actually follow and expert dietary advice that can be adapted each week.



Want to have glowing skin that you can enhance instead of covering up? Consider starting a skincare routine that is suited to your unique needs. Having facials in the lead-up to your wedding is more than just a pamper treatment!

Kildare-based company, House of Beauty, has a 360′ approach to beauty because they believe that true beauty comes from within! We couldn’t agree more, and we can highly recommend them for all things skin!


Perfect teeth

Who wouldn’t want to be smiling with confidence on their wedding day? If you are self-conscious about your teeth, consider investing in invisible braces so you can have that perfect smile. Avoid that awkward ‘train-track’ look by getting invisible braces with David McConville Orthodontics.

Perhaps your teeth are already straight but you’d like to brighten your smile! This is where teeth-whitening comes in handy. Grab an at-home kit from Whitening Ireland or pop into Dublin-based store, Seapoint Clinic for a relaxing in-house treatment.