Best Boho Bridal Accessories


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Boho style first became popular during the 1960s cultural revolution, when the free spirit vibe rocked the world. Like all trends, it went underground for a while, but now it’s back and stronger than ever. Bohemian isn’t just a look, it’s a feeling. Boho embraces individuality and rejects tradition for its own sake. Being unconventional is what boho is all about, and this is one of the main reasons the boho look is utterly in tune with today’s bride. Boho is all about being natural and free, and above all, expressing your personal style. Boho is also romantic and even magical; think princesses, mermaids and fairies. Thanks to boho’s mix & match approach, it can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches as you prepare for your Big Day. Read on to discover your best boho bridal accessories.


A Statement Ring

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A non-traditional engagement ring is the hallmark of a boho bride. Flashy, mega-carat diamonds are not required. The right ring is one that suits your personality, not a copy of something your saw on Instagram. Thus, an heirloom ring may fit the bill. Or it might feature rubies, emeralds or pearls instead of diamonds. If exotic and enigmatic Tahitian pearls are more your speed, The Pearl Source has a wide selection of unique pearl engagement rings to help inspire you.

Whimsical Earrings

Hairstyle and dress style will both help decide whether dainty pearl studs or oversize chandelier earrings work best. Once again, an unembellished gown and a simple updo invite adventurousness in ornamentation — but only if that is your style. Conversely, if you’ve gone with intricate braids and an opulent patterned dress, a small pair of studs may be all that is needed. Above all, whatever you select to adorn your lobes, be sure you love them.

A Unique Bracelet/Cuff

The presence or absence of sleeves on your gown will help you determine how to proceed with decoration on the arm and hand. One lovely boho look is a fingerless lace gloves with a ring chain. Prefer to go jewellery-free? Henna tattoos are traditional for Indian weddings, but definitely hit the boho vibe in the West. If you want more sparkle, a gold temporary tattoo can be applied in virtually any design you can dream up.

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The Must-Have Headpiece

The headpiece is often the crowning glory of the boho bride. A floral crown is perfect for an Enchanted Garden-themed wedding. It’s also lovely with a long, flowing hairstyle. If you’re more of a mystical princess, a tiara made of raw quartz might be just right. Other options include a head-chain or combination of chain and custom-made veil. But remember, it’s important to not go overboard. Pick the piece that best complements your hairstyle and dress, and once again, be sure that it is complements you.

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A Dramatic Cape

Just because boho brides prefer less fuss doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a touch of drama — in the form of fashion. An ethereal tulle cape will make you look like you just stepped out of a fairy story, while a feathered fichu is perfect for a wildly romantic Game of Thrones-type affair. A cape is an especially striking element in a fresh-air setting where the blowing breeze will create breathtaking photography.

Feel-Good Shoes

Boho brides are at ease in a natural fibre gown that is light and allows the body to move freely, and the same goes for footwear. No painful spike heels, please. But this doesn’t mean you need two animal skins wrapped around your feet (unless you want to). Stylish sequins, luscious lace, fancy flats or jewel-studded sandals are all perfect for the boho bride — and won’t make you want to kick them off after the first dance. Holding your wedding at the beach? Foot chains are sexy, chic, and unique.