Black Bridesmaids Dresses – The Dos & Don’ts

black bridesmaids dresses

Are you thinking of going for black for your bridesmaids dresses? It might not be the first colour to pop into your mind when you think of a wedding, but it’s so chic, timeless and stunning. Black will suit every skin tone and body shape, and work for your wedding vibe no matter what. 

Today we’ve got some great tips and advice for you and your girls, should you be thinking about black dresses but have some reservations… 

black bridesmaids dresses

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Think about the overall look 

Are you going for formal or glamorous look, or maybe you prefer a boho feel? When you know the feel of your wedding day you’ll be able to choose a dress style that will compliment the vibe of the day. For a formal look look to floor length gowns with very little embellishments. If you day is more relaxed, a short dress with ruffles could be perfect. 

black bridesmaids dresses

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Choose accessories to match

Black is such a versatile colour that can be dressed both up and down. Why not let your bridesmaids choose their own footwear to suit their style? Again the jewellery options are endless and lots will work well with black. 

black bridesmaids dresses

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Consider mix and match styles 

Why not let your bridesmaids personalities shine through with mix and match black dresses? They will feel fabulous in their dress choices and the overall look will be gorgeous! 

black bridesmaids dresses


LBD Forever 

You can’t beat a classic Little Black Dress, there’s one for every occasion after-all, so have fun and enjoy choosing your black bridesmaids dresses!