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Bridal Beauty – Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips

Today we’re joined by Niamh from Bella Beauty to talk all things skincare with some useful tips to ensure your skin is gorgeous and glowing come the Big Day! Here are 10 of her top pre-wedding skincare tips for brides-to-be…

1. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and with all the preparation and planning that goes in to the Big Day, one area that you definitely need to be mindful of is your skin. Your choice of make-up artist is key but the preparation for your skin needs to start earlier than the Big Day or the week before – think of it like going to the gym so you’ll have toned arms for your strapless dress. The better prepared your skin is, the more flawless your make-up will look and the longer it will last. Visit a salon that has a strong reputation for skincare early on – even a year or two before the wedding, but don’t panic if you are getting married in four months, some work is better than none. Dermalogica have a Skin Expert training programme that certifies therapists above and beyond standard skin education so looking for a therapist with this qualification is a good start.

2. Don’t feel like a therapist is just trying to sell to you when you go for a consultation. Most salons offer free skin consultations and it is their job to recommend at home skin products as well as in salon professional strength treatments (that will have benefits that you won’t get with at home treatments). Up to 80% of women in Ireland are using the wrong skincare for their skin type for example a cream for dry skin when their skin is actually oily but dehydrated – use the experts you have at hand.

3. Your products are an investment in your face – which everyone will be seeing a lot of on the Big Day. Skin wipes per use are actually more expensive than using Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming cleanser and cotton pads everyday. Professional products last longer and penetrate deeper than over the counter products and change your skins function from the bottom up.

4. At home skincare can account for 70 to 80% of skin results when combined with professional salon grade treatments, so listen to what your therapist is telling you in terms of what products to use and when to use them.

5. Your starting point should be a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser then you can start adding products like masks and exfoliators. Start with three products and build from there. Most ranges carry products that have two in one or three in one uses so ask your therapist and be realistic about what you will use.

6. Hydration is one of the biggest battles for most ladies I see in the salon and particularly for brides. They may have started a new fitness regime that means they need to increase their water intake but haven’t. Brides are busier than the every day human and might forget to hydrate. Hydration means hydration inside and out so using something like a toner which is a humectant and grabs the moisture from the air gets the skin ready for your moisturiser. Bringing a bottle of water around with you is a good way to remember to keep your H20 levels up. Hydrating the skin will get rid of fine lines caused by hydration and that crepe skin look your skin gets on a Monday morning after a weekend of fun. Masks, toners and boosters are the best instant hydrators available.

7. What goes in, comes out in the skin. A lot of brides do a crash detox before the wedding which is great for one area of the body but can have a huge impact on the skin. So I would avoid any crash diets if you are worried about breakouts – lemon and hot water, lots of fruit and veg, plenty of water and green tea should keep you on the straight and narrow.

8. Some brides get stress breakouts close to the wedding – if this happens let your therapist know as soon as possible. Stress breakouts tend to happen on the cheeks but can appear anywhere as little flat red dots. These can be treated with calming products and perhaps an anti-histamine.

9. Don’t start using new products a month before the wedding or going to a salon and getting a deep cleansing facial which includes extractions for the first time a few weeks before the wedding. If you have left it last minute, stick with very safe product changes for example introduce a hydrating mask or booster, a good moisturiser and get a hydrating facial but don’t start using high active ingredients that may cause a reaction.

10. When you find a great salon for skincare they should have a variety of different options for professional grade treatments. Different high end facials will be appropriate for different skin types. Some of the top treatments are:

  • Medical Microdermabrasion is excellent, it clears the top layers of skin, scarring and fine lines with minimal downtime. A suction hand piece is worked over the skin using fine crystals which exfoliate the skin.
  • Medical Grade Peels such as Image Peels or Dermalogica’s BioSurface Peel are brilliant for pigmentation, acne, deeper lines and brightening dull skin. Patch tests and pre-treatments are required for most peels.
  • CACI non surgical facelift – this treatment is brilliant for anyone that has started to lose tone in a certain area, wants their cheekbones elevated or has fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, nasolabial folds (commonly known as smile or laugh lines) or creases between the brows that they want ironed out before the wedding. These are my top three bridal facials for ultimate results for the Big Day.

About Bella Beauty

Niamh is a Skin Therapist at Bella Beauty, a hair and beauty salon in Ballina, Co.Mayo which won the Best Salon in Ireland 2014 in the Irish Spa Awards. Niamh is a Skin Expert with Dermalogica, is a qualified Image Skincare Peel Therapist and specialisies in CACI and Dermagenesis Medical Microdermabrasion. They also have an online Facemapping system which can determine your skin type and skin consultants on hand to answer any questions. If you have any questions for Niamh about your bridal skincare contact her at

For more info on Bella Beauty’s skincare regimes, or to find out if they have a hair or make-up artist free on your wedding date, check out their weddingsonline profile.

Image courtesy of NotontheHighstreet

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