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Dog Wedding Outfit Ideas For Your Furry Friends

We’re big fans of couples including their pets in the wedding festivities! We guarantee your guests will have big smiles while watching your pet walk down the aisle and pose for photos. And what better way to have your furry friend feel special than with a cute dog wedding outfit? We’ve got all the dog wedding outfit inspiration you need! And hey, even if you don’t have a dog, you’ll get your daily serotonin boost just by scrolling through the photos…


Flower Collars

Your wedding bouquet is a big part of your day, so why not have your dog wear a flower collar to match? Just make sure the flowers you choose are pet-friendly.

Katie Stoops Photography



We just can’t get enough of dogs wearing fancy tuxedos because they are just too cute!



Bow Ties

If your furry friend won’t agree to wearing a full outfit, they may feel a little more comfy in a bow tie. It’s formal but still adorable.

White Rabbit Studios


A Cute Sign

Technically this isn’t an outfit, but a cute sign around your dog’s neck is a sweet touch!



Birthday Suit

And if your fluffy bestie simply won’t endure wearing an outfit or accessory, then stick to the birthday suit! Your pet will be there on your wedding day and that’s enough to make it special.

Pepper Nix


Get more inspiration about personalising your wedding ceremony – and including your pet – on our podcast! Take a listen below:

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