Don’t Choose Your Date Before You Consider These Five Things…

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The date – the first thing you will decide on, or at least shortlist, in your wedding planning journey. 

It’s a big decision and one you’ll be excited to choose amidst the engagement buzz. Before you jump head first into a date, here are five things to consider… 

1. Long engagement V’s short engagement 

Have you or your partner any preference on how long your engagement will be? Some couples like to have the entire process tied up within a year, whilst others will wait for two, or even three years. This is an entirely personal choice to make, never mind what your friends are doing, choose a date to suit you both. 

2. Think about yearly celebrations & special dates 

Is there a time of year you love the most, such as Easter or Christmas? Some couples are certain of the time of year they will get married which will choosing a specific date that little easier. You may prefer to avod any precise time of year and choose a date that has specific meaning to you and your partner. 

3. How does your budget work into your timeline? 

If you plan to save for your day there are some calculations that need to be asap. Knowing how much you would like to spend overall and how much you can save each month will help you work out how long it will take you to reach that figure. It’s certainly not the most romantic part of wedding planning but its a necessity. 

4. Any other key dates to remember?

You may have friends planning their wedding close to yours, or a big birthday for one of your parents. If you have pre-existing commitments in the pipeline be sure to stay clear of dates around these. 

5. Are your dream team available on your preferred date? 

It’s widely know the most popular wedding suppliers such as florists and photographers book up early, sometimes two or three years in advance. If you have fallen in love with the work of a supplier, would you be happy to move your date to suit them? Check the diaries of your dream team before making any final date choices.