Don’t Forget These Six Things on Your Wedding Day!

Don’t Forget These Six Things on Your Wedding Day!

You’ve been planning this day for months, quite possible years, and now it has arrived and it’s totally normal to have ‘on the day butterflies’ and let something slip! Unless you are the-most-calm-person-ever-in-the-history-of-the-world, it’s inevitable you will forget something. You have a lot on your plate and every element is very important! 

In that moment you remember whatever it is, let your friends and family help, or better still don’t forget it in the first place! Today we’ve got six things you could forget, so you don’t! 

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1. The vows: If you’ve chosen to write personal vows, please don’t forget them! They may have taken a long time for you to write and will be filled with personal emotion, so trying to remember them just won’t work amongst the nerves. If you don’t trust yourself to remember ask a maid or one of your parents to carry them in a sealed envelope until the time you need them. 

2. The wedding bouquet: Believe us, we know of plenty of weddings that had to be delayed until the bridal bouquet was retrieved from the brides home! It’s the crowning glory of your wedding look so keep it close by. 

3. Emergency kit: Your bridesmaids will probably look after those for you, or at least know where it can be located. Include items such as sanitary products, tissues, lipstick, safety pins and mints. 

4. Overnight bag: You may have already delivered it to the hotel but if not don’t leave without it – your wedding dress won’t have quite the same effect at breakfast the day after your wedding! 

5. Change of shoes: If you’ve gone for dance-proof footwear you can give this a miss, but if you’ve got a special pair of dancing shoes on standby, don’t go leaving them at home. 

6. Your old, new, borrowed and blue: We know you’ll put a lot of effort into these four items if you choose to adhere to his lovely tradition, so please bring them. 

(Images: JMF Wedding Photography)