Five Questions To Help You Plan An Incredible Honeymoon


When planning your honeymoon, there are a few things you should consider. As with any holiday, there’s a lot to think about if you want it to be fabulous. And why wouldn’t you? When planning the most fun holiday ever, give some thought to these five things. Sit down with your Other Half and use these five questions to plan the location, timing and nature of your upcoming honeymoon. You’ll thank me later!


When do you want to go?

You’ve got a few options here. You could go right after your wedding, you could wait a few weeks or even months and go at a later stage, or you could have an Irish mini-moon right after the wedding and then go big a few months later and do something extravagant.


Do you want it to be a surprise?

Many couples choose to divvy up the tasks, with one of them spearheading the wedding planning and other looking after all things honeymoon. Other couples share the responsibility for all of it! Discuss your expectations with your Other Half if you’d like to be involved in the planning or if you’d prefer to keep it a surprise.


What type of honeymoon do you want?

There are two types of honeymoons: the relaxing, sitting on the beach and sipping cocktails type of honeymoon, and the adventurous, sightseeing and doing all the touristy things type of honeymoon. They’re both great and there’s merit to choosing either. Decide ahead of time what kind of honeymoon you’d like to have so that you know what you’re getting into. Nobody wants to spend all their money flying across the world only to spend the entire holiday in the hotel room.


What’s your budget?

Yes, money is something you need to consider. Can you afford to go on your extravagant honeymoon now or would you prefer to save up and do that later? Is there something else you’d rather spend your money on? Your budget will determine where you can go, how long you can go for, and what you can do on your honeymoon.


What climate do you prefer?

There are people who absolutely love the cold, cosy climates. Other people prefer warmer, tropical, beachy climates. Chat to your Other Half about what you’ve envisioned for your honeymoon. This will help you select the right location and time of year to go!