Getting Married in Portugal – A Guide for Irish brides

Destination Weddings

Portugal is one of Europe’s best kept wedding destination secrets. Located only two-three hours away from Ireland, Portugal is set to be the next big destination for weddings. You will not find the fantastic mix of climate, stunning views and historic and contemporary venues anywhere else on your door step!

There are two legal forms of marriage in Portugal, Civil and Catholic. You are unable to marry legally in other religious ceremonies as Portugal is a Catholic country. However, there are a numerous solutions. Some couples marry legally in a small ceremony in their country of origin and then a have a full religious blessing in Portugal with all of their family and friends. This cuts out on a lot of paperwork and it is possible to make your blessing look very much like the real thing, so your guests do not have to know you are already legally married. You can also choose to have a Civil ceremony in Portugal and then have your religious blessing afterwards. Either way the main ceremony takes place in the warmth of the Portuguese sun, next to the glittering ocean.

A Useful Tip!

Hiring a wedding planner could be really useful for you! They will know all the requirements for your paperwork or know somebody that does. They will have a number of contacts and be able to liaise with them in Portuguese to make sure there are no misunderstandings. When you have an idea in your head, the wedding planner can piece together their knowledge of the area to create the perfect day for you. Use your wedding planner as your safety blanket, to feel safe in the knowledge that the day is under control.

Wedding Venues in Portugal

The venues in Portugal are varied, dependent on which area of Portugal you choose for your marriage:

The Algarve sits on the end tip of Portugal nearest to Africa, and is a very popular tourist destination. It has one of the hottest climates and you can choose between luxury boutique hotels, luxury villas, rustic quintas or the glorious white sands for your day.

The Alentejo is the rural farming region of Portugal above the Algarve and below Lisbon. It has the hottest climate in Portugal and the main places to marry are in local churches or local the stunning vineyards, which produce the regions magnificent wines.

Lisbon is the Portugal’s capital, located on the western tip it spills to both sides of the river Tagus estuary. It has a great range of venues due to its scale and history, especially on the picturesque Estoril Coastline, making it perfect for any style of wedding. From old palaces, historic residences, to modern, contemporary and luxury coastal venues; Lisbon has it all with its warm all year round climate.

The North of Portugal is the industrial centre with a lot of medieval history, it boast features such as the Douro valley which is the Port capital of Portugal. It’s famous for traditional vineyards, and quaint churches for couples to marry in.

About Lisbon Wedding Planners

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Edited by Karen Birney