Here’s What To Put In Your Wedding Welcome Bags


I’m a huge fan of spoiling your wedding guests and doing whatever you can to make them feel at home and excited! Wedding welcome bags are a really cute way to say “It’s our Big Day and we want you to have the best time”.




What are wedding welcome bags?

Usually, a wedding welcome bag comes in the form of a reusable bag (like a tote) or a box, often containing wedding essentials, a note from the happy couple and an itinerary.

You can also get creative and include items that are specific to your wedding, your interests and the things you know your guests will love.


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Who gets a welcome bag?

There are several options available to you!

A wedding welcome bag is a lovely gift idea for friends and family who are helping to host the wedding or for out-of-town guests who are flying in for the Big Day.

They’re not only for destination weddings, but those are certainly the perfect spot to gift all your guests a welcome bag as they check-in to their hotel.


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Top tips

  • Include things your guests will actually use (like painkillers, sunscreen, snacks, water and mints).
  • Choose a reusable bag that guests can make use of after the wedding too.
  • Add something meaningful, such as your favourite tipple or a personalised note.
  • Include a nod to the location of your wedding, like the venue’s speciality olive oil or local fruit.
  • Give your guests discounts. Get coupons for local restaurants and attractions for guests to enjoy at your destination wedding.
  • Be travel-friendly! Guests who are travelling will appreciate items that fit into their suitcase.
  • Don’t forget your itinerary. One of the utilities of giving guests their welcome bags is presenting the key information they need to know. Include information like the times and locations for the wedding events.


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