How Can I Best Look After My Wedding Dress?

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You’ve bought your dream wedding dress, congratulations! Now you’re probably asking: How can I best look after my wedding dress? Well, we’ve enlisted the help of the professionals to give you all the answers. Our fabulous wedding dress suppliers are sharing everything you need to know so you can look after your wedding dress properly.

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Use a storage box

Make sure your storage box is sturdy enough to protect your dress from accidents and eliminate light. Keep the box breathable, so that means no plastic, no acid and no alkali. Things to avoid: flat-packed boxes, boxes with a “window” but no lid and boxes with metal staples that may rust.

Cleaning Angel 


Avoid trying on the dress

To keep it in a dry room, in a breathable dress bag,
Avoid trying on the dress a lot as oils and (any dirt or make-up) that are on your hands can transfer and cause staining after time.


Store it in a spare bedroom

Best place to store your dress is in a spare bedroom. Keep it in your Love Ellie dress bag which is double cotton, dustproof and fully breathable. Keep it hanging and out of direct sunlight. Relax and wait for the big day to roll around.


Remove the plastic covering

Upon collection, the gown may be covered in plastic by the designer, as this is the safest way to ensure no staining during transport. The bridal boutique will place the gown in a garment bag. When you get it home with the gown, remove the plastic covering, as over time it can cause mould and mildew.

If your gown is multi-layered or heavy from beading, we would suggest that you leave it in the breathable garment bag and lay flat across a bed, again with the curtains closed.

The week before the wedding the gown should be taken out of the hanging bag or preservation boxing and hung to let any creases fall out of it. Make sure to hoover the room before taking out the gown, as any floor dust may leave marks on the gown. Place a white sheet on the floor under where the gown will be hanging and place a white duvet cover over the gown to keep it from prying eyes.

Bridal Gown Cleaning

Use hoops to hang the dress

Before the wedding: Make sure your dress is on a secure hanger, using loops to hang the dress so. This is to take the weight off the shoulders. Store in a cloth or breathable full-length bag, from a high hook or high rail. Keep it away from heat and sunlight (close blinds). The room should be clean, with no smells and no access from children or pets.
After the wedding: Get the dress professionally cleaned (look for reviews or recommendations) and mend if needed. Store flat, no hanger, in professional bag or box but not in Attic and away from light and heat. Clean and store well will ensure that you’ll be able to pass it onto the next generation. Isn’t that a lovely thought!


Get it professionally steamed

Don’t worry if your dress gets wrinkled during storage, as it will be steamed professionally by your bridal shop or seamstress prior to your wedding.

If your dress has been fully altered and you have finished dealing with your bridal shop, don’t worry. They will still be more than happy for you to return it for steaming before your wedding as they will want it to look as perfect as the day it left the shop.

After your wedding, Bridal Preservation is a lovely idea to keep your dress staying perfect for a lifetime.