How To Choose Your Destination Wedding Location

Destination Weddings
destination wedding

Lots of couples dream of having their wedding day in exotic climes and it’s easy to understand why. With fabulous food, glorious sun and cracking culture to embrace, getting married away from home will definitely be a memorable experience. 

Finding the perfect location that’s everything you dreamt of can be a daunting task, but we hope to help you out with that. From fabulous beaches, cities rich in culture, and luxury resorts to choose from, we’ve got four tips to help you choose your destination wedding location. 

Tip 1: Discover your travel styles 

Are you and your other half adventure seekers always ready to discover the unknown? Or maybe you prefer to live life at a laidback speed and need lots of relaxing time pencilled in your holidays. Discovering your travel personality will help you choose what you want on your special day. Think about locations that hold a special meaning to you, maybe the first holiday you shared together. Having a locations filled with great memories will make your wedding more meaningful and magical. 

Tip 2: Find the perfect date

As they say, timing is everything and travel throughout the world doesn’t happen at the same time, especially with different countries being in opposite seasons! Chat to a travel consultant about popular destinations and when they will be busy, Mexico and the Caribbean for example are busiest from November to May, whilst European destinations such as the Italian Lakes will be busiest from May to September. When you choose the perfect date then you can begin narrowing down your destination choices. 

Tip 3: Create your guest list & budget 

You may have already decided an intimate wedding with your closest friends and family is ideal for you as a couple, and knowing your budget will help you make this decision. You might have dreamt of a huge wedding in paradise but you must be mindful that travelling may not be a practical option for everyone. 

Tip 4: Start your planning now

Planning a destination wedding does not have to be harder than a wedding close to home, but you do need to give yourself time and be decisive. The sooner you start to plan the sooner you can make those decisions. 

If you are considering a destination wedding but haven’t a clue where to begin visit our Destination Weddings section where help is at hand! 

(Top image: Casa Monte Cristo – AlgarveWeddings)