How To Include Your Parents’ Names On Your Wedding Invitation

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Including your parents’ names on your wedding invitation is completely optional! If you decide to go this route, there are several options available to you, each with an implied meaning. Today we’ll cover how to do it!

But first, traditionally, wedding invitations include a host line before the request to attend and then the names of the couple. The host line is where you might include some or all of the parents involved and the request to attend is often something like “the pleasure of your company” or “would love for you to join them”.

Something like this:

Host line

Request to attend

Names of the couple

Side note: Some of the examples below include formal titles and others don’t. How you choose to go about doing this is up to you and will be largely dependent on how formal your wedding is. The rule of thumb is that if you use titles for a parent, you should use them for all parents listed on the invitation. Consistency is key.


Partner A’s parents only

In the instance that Partner A’s parents are hosting the wedding (ie paying for it), you would put their names on the host line.

Example: “Mr Garth Hilton and Mrs Mary Hilton request the honour of your presence…”


Partner A’s parents (hosting) and Partner B’s parents (not hosting)

Here’s a way to include both sets of parents in the invitation, while implying that only Partner A’s parents are hosting.

Example: “Mr Michael Peterson and Mrs Leigh Peterson request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Jennifer to Matthew Brand, son or Mr Jeremy Brand and Mrs Jayne Brand…”


Both sets of parents

This implies that both sets of parents are hosting the wedding!

Example: “Mr and Mrs Collard and Mr and Mrs Yates request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their children…”


All parents and couple

Let’s say you and both sets of parents are hosting (and paying for) the wedding. It’s possible to include everyone without individually naming each person.

Example: “Together with their parents, Glen and Kelly request the pleasure of your company…”


Deceased parent

If a parent is deceased but you want to mention them in the host line, try this…

Example: “Jane Kingsley, daughter of Mr. Adam Kingsley and the late Iris Kingsley…”


Divorced parents

In this instance, you can include all the names but you’ll want to keep each parent on a separate line. Stepparents can be added to the same line as their partner.

Example: “Mr Doug Johnson and Mrs Lydia Johnson

and Mr James Conway and Mrs Elizabeth Conway

and Mr Harold Smith and Mrs Karen Smith

invite you to the wedding of their children…”