How To Keep Guests Cool At A Summer Wedding

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Real talk alert: I just got back from a summer holiday where I spent a week in incredibly hot weather. You might consider me a new expert in keeping cool when things are about 5 degrees hotter than comfortable. I’m just not built for the heat, apparently. But this got me thinking about how to keep guests cool at a summer wedding. Because really, we’re all dressed up and can’t afford the luxury of disappearing into an air-conditioned hotel room.

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So, if you are getting married in summer, expect it to be hot and prepare accordingly. Here are some ideas:


Keep them hydrated

There’s nothing more satisfying than an ice cold drink on a scorching hot day. Serve your guests something cold and they’ll love you for it. Get fancy with frozen margaritas or keep it simple with water, lemonade and iced sodas.


Serve something frozen

Ice-cream, gelato and popsicles are an absolute winner! They’ll give your guests something to do and it’ll keep them cool too.


Handheld parasols

Shade is a winner. If a fully shaded ceremony location isn’t an option, consider hiring handheld parasols. They are pretty and will keep your guests cool in the heat.


Give them fans

…but make them practical. Turn your wedding programmes into fans and place them on each guest’s seat.


Give them shade

Create cute areas where guests can mingle in the shade. Give them somewhere cute and comfy to sit, add some pretty decor and keep it all in the shade.


Hire fans

If things are extra hot, consider hiring fans to really bring the heat down. And if things are really really hot, investigate misting fans for that extra level of comfort.


Serve cold food

During cocktail hour, consider food that’s enjoyable to eat outdoors. We’re thinking of things like oysters on ice and Caprese salad skewers. Because nobody wants to eat hot food out in the sun.


Get creative with your timeline

Research which time of day will be comfortable and enjoyable to enjoy outside. A midday ceremony in the scorching hot sun doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? How about switching up your timeline so you could have a lovely evening ceremony outdoors instead?


Featured image credit: Daniel James