How To Make Your Bride Speech Shine

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It’s time to write your bride speech! There’s no rule that says you have to do a speech, but if you want to, then we’ve gathered tips and tricks for you to make your speech shine.

Featured image credit: Alessandro Pensini


Tell your partner

Sure, keeping your bride speech a surprise is so much fun, but trust me, it’s easier if they know. This way you could share the thank you’s and divvy them up in advance. Then you won’t end up repeating things! You can keep the content of your speech a secret, but you won’t be left with the speech-scraps.


Be funny

You don’t want to be more sentimental than your Other Half, so take the time to inject humour instead. You do want to be sweet and loving (and shedding a tear is always acceptable) but we recommend beginning with a laugh. Nobody is expecting you to host a stand up comedy show but you can try to get your guests giggling at the start. The worst way to do that is to include a classic wedding gag found on Google (just avoid those altogether). Share the differences that make your relationship unique or the types of debates you two have. Your guests will love seeing this realistic and hilarious side of your relationship.


Avoid cliches

There are a few terms that are overused and we recommend avoiding them. Things like ‘soulmate’ or ‘best friend’. It might be true but these days the words don’t mean much. Your guests want you to show them your relationship is special, without hearing the same anecdotes and phrases they’ve heard hundreds of times before. Don’t just tell us your spouse is caring, talk about the time they woke up in the middle of the night to pick you up from the train station when you couldn’t get a taxi. Don’t just talk about how funny they are. Share a story about their hilarious Ed Sheeran impersonation.


Tell stories

Everybody wants to hear a story! Every good story has a great intro, a middle bit with lots of meaning and a clever ending that relates to something you’ve already shared. A great example would be if a teacher shares lessons that her Other Half has taught her over the years. Find a storytelling method that connects with you and your relationship.


It’s OK to use cue cards

By the time it gets to your bride speech, you will have walked down the aisle, exchanged vows, taken gorgeous photos, had a few glasses of Prosecco and shed a few tears. Nobody expects you to do all of that and memorise your speech. Cue cards will help you keep track of what you want to say (just don’t read them word for word).


Enjoy yourself

The best way to deliver a memorable bride speech is to have fun while you do it! Talk slower than you think you should, pause at the right moments so guests can react and laugh, and smile! It’s infectious.