Irish Weddings Cost Almost 30K, According to New weddingsonline Survey



weddingsonline, the country’s most popular wedding website have just announced the findings of their latest Irish wedding survey. It was based on over 1,400 participants and took place in January 2020.

43% of couples surveyed struggled to stay within budget, with 13% spending over 5-10K more than they had planned to.

When it comes to choosing their ideal suppliers and venues, couples say that recommendations are the most important factor. Only 12% stated that price was the most important factor.

This year’s findings from the weddingsonline survey capture the current attitudes towards weddings in Ireland.



  • The average budget for a wedding including honeymoon is €29,624, up from last year’s €28,462. The average price per guest is €73.
  • Friday and Saturday are still the most popular days for weddings (81%).
  • 60% of weddings take place between May and September, with July being the most popular month. 58% of our participants are getting married in 2020 and 27% are getting married in 2021.
  • The most popular month to pop the question is December (22%). Engagements are very evenly spread throughout the rest of the year.
  • Couples are enjoying longer engagements with a massive 30% of engaged couples waiting more than 2 years to get married. Only 10% of couples got married in less than 10 months.
  • Religious ceremonies are still the most popular (56%), however, they are down 5% on last year while civil, spiritual and humanist ceremonies are on the rise.
  • On average couples invite 162 guests to their Big Day.
  • 45% of the money spent on weddings was from savings and the rest of the money came equally from parentsloans and gifts.
  • 43% of couples surveyed went over budget with 13% spending over to 5 – 10K more than they had intended to.
  • The average age for brides tying the knot is 32 years of age while the groom’s average age is 34 years of age.
  • On average, brides choose 3 bridesmaids and grooms opt for 3 groomsmen.
  • 65% of couples chose to have flower girls and 57% chose to have page boys.
  • The hotel venue remains the most popular choice at 68%, followed by the country house at 18% and then castles at 9%.
  • 42% of couples surveyed have their speeches before the meal. 
  • More and more brides are opting to say a few words with 30% giving a speech.
  • The Top 5 wedding counties are Meath, Cork, Kerry, Kildare, and then Wicklow.
  • 92% of couples honeymoon abroad with 63% waiting a few months after the wedding before they head off on their honeymoon.
  • Half of couples enjoy a mini-moon in Ireland directly after their wedding.
  • The most popular honeymoon destinations are the USA, Maldives and Mexico.
  • The decided factor for which suppliers to book was reviews (54%), favourite choice (34%), with only 12% stating that price was their deciding factor.
  • 23% of the couples surveyed paid for accommodation for parents and bridal party, and 43% paid for accommodation for just the bridal party.
  • 24% of participants use Moposa (online wedding planning tool) to plan their wedding, 49% attend wedding fairs, and 25% read magazines.


The average spend in each category was as follows:

Venue: €14989

Engagement Rings: €3070

Wedding Rings: €1336

Band: €2182

DJ: €498

Photographer: €1674

Videographer: €1431

Wedding Dress: €1789

Ceremony Music: €485

Evening Entertainment: €762

Celebrant/Solemniser: €378

Makeup (bride only): €139

Makeup (per bridesmaid): €96

Hairstyling (per bride): €112

Hairstyling (per bridesmaid): €69

Wedding Planner: €1849

Bridesmaid Dresses (per bridesmaid): €208

Beauty Treatments: €434

Accessories: €478

Price per suit: €260

Average number of suits bought: 4.3

Photobooth: €430

Wedding Car: €491

Wedding Cake: €375

Décor (Ceremony): €431

Décor (Venue): €636

Flowers: €796

Invites: €370

Foodie Treats: €418

Ceremony booklets: €182 (was €253)

Hen & Stag: €192 (was €282)

Honeymoon (per person): €2758


This is what couples said they wish they could have done differently:

  • “Save more in advance.”
  • “I would be more organised and have booked more suppliers. I took on too much DIY and now I am panicking.”
  • “Not cared what other people think!”
  • “Enjoy the process more, I only plan to do this the one time!”
  • “I would have gotten a videographer. Big mistake not having one.”
  • “Maybe eloped as my fiance’s mother is a nightmare and is causing loads of unnecessary stress.”


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