Joint Hen & Stag Party Advice

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Your hen and stag party is the really fun part of wedding planning. It’s a sign the day is almost there and you’re about to be married! The traditional route of course is separate hen and stag parties, but what if that doesn’t work for you, what if you decide to have a joint celebration? We love couples who do their day, their way so why not bring that through to your hen and stag parties. Today we’ve got great advice if you are considering hosting a joint party. 

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A joint celebration is a great way to bring both sides of your families and friends together for an unforgettable party. Instead of the event focusing on one person, couples can use their shared interests to throw a party to remember. It’s a great idea if you and your partners friends and family get on really well or if you’re looking to help them get to know each other better. 

The costs involved with attending a hen and stag can soon add up, but a joint celebration can be a smart way to save money for both you and your guests. With more guests in attendance you may get better group rates. 

Tips for hosting a joint hen and stag celebration 

– Create your guest list including your bridal party, friends and family. Do keep in mind that the big party will be on the wedding day so remember to save for it and keep the joint party more intimate. 

– Pick your date and location keeping in mind you want it to be in a location easily accessible to your guests. Try to ensure it’s not too close to your wedding date. 

– Create an itinerary with activities to suit most guests. Not all activities need to be done together, in fact it might prove easier to have a few options so groups are smaller. 

The options for hosting a joint hen and stag party are endless! From a simple dinner party to a spa and golf weekend, relax, get the ideas flowing and have fun planning! 

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