10 Crazy Adorable Page Boy & Flower Girl Entrances (& Cute Signage!)

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We may have talked about the new trend of Flower Girl Grans this week, but we really do love our cute flower girls and page boys and hope they don’t go anywhere (but down the aisle!) soon! Today we’ve been gushing over some of the cutest photos of page boys and flower girls making a BIG entrance and announcing the bride’s arrival with some very cool signs. We love the idea of giving the kids something to make them feel like they have a bit of a job to do – as well as being CEO of petal patrol and chief staff of wedding ring security of course – and there are plenty out there to choose from. One thing’s for sure, they’ll be a tough act to follow!

1. This Cutie that has a bucket full of excitement


2. This Heartbreaker who doesn’t want you to worry


3. These two cowboys who demand attention!


4. And this snappy dresser who’s got it all under control


5. This lil guy who should be at every wedding!


6. And this one who’s taking it all in his stride


7. These two absolute mischief makers


8. And these two angels who are just so sweet


9. This little one announcing mommy’s arrival


10. And these, who you can clearly see ‘rollin’…

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