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If you think back to the weddings you enjoyed the most, we guarantee they had incredible food and amazing entertainment! That’s why couples are looking for creative and unique ways to entertain their guests. We’ve seen all sorts of brilliant ways to make guests laugh and have fun and today we’d like to introduce you to one more: Music Bingo.

Everybody knows Bingo and everybody loves music! Music Bingo is a new type of bingo game that combines both. The numbers are replaced with popular music clips.



Here’s how it works

Instead of regular numbers, you play the best songs that get the people jamming and singing along! The game is presented on a screen with a high-quality sound system. Everyone can play and follow the game easily because tips can be also included in the game. Winning players are rewarded with prizes and the night is run by a professional host.



Music Bingo is the best fun night out in Ireland. Europe’s best music bingo event, available through Star DJs for your next occasion. Book Music Bingo Online or Live in-person for fun non-monetary wins.



About Star DJs

Star DJs offers the service of providing professional award-winning DJs for a range of services including weddings. They plan, design, create and perform dream events to make your wedding night memorable and provide a soundtrack for the rest of your life. The right music comes through in the video, in the photos, in the memories. Star DJs was set up in 1995 as a company and is performing at our 100,000 events this year. Nobody has more experience than that.

“Why have an average DJ for an average price, when you can have a great DJ for a fair price?”

Star DJs supply over 30 different DJs on any given weekend night with 8 DJs specialising in weddings.

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Phone +353 1 4604500

Text or What’s App: +353 87 2262202

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