Nifty Ways To Save For Your Day

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Once the excitement of getting engaged is over and the reality of actually planning a wedding begins, you’ll probably learn one thing very quickly – weddings are expensive! Of course you can save money on elements of the wedding day, and you should only ever spend what you can afford, but in general it’s easy for the pennies to quickly add up. 

Saving for their wedding can cause stress for some couples, but we want to help you find stress-free solutions to making the process easier. With that in mind we’ve compiled some ideas of things you can ditch and do to make saving your hard earned cash, a little easier. 

Things to ditch…

– Unused subscriptions – have a look through your monthly bills. Are you paying for things that you never use? As long as you aren’t tied into a yearly contract, get rid of it. 

– Luxurious holidays – if you simply can’t miss your summer holiday consider somewhere closer to home or self catering options. However, if you can stay home for a year, set the money you’ve saved aside to add to your honeymoon budget. 

– Eating and drinking out – give those Friday evening treat meals out a miss for a few months and watch your wedding pot fill up! 

– Make your coffee at home – have you ever added up how much you actually spend on coffee every month? It could easily cover one of your bridesmaids dresses! 

Things to do… 

– Meal plan – all the grown ups do it! Not only will it save you money but it will make you think more about your food choices which can only be a good thing for your general health. 

– Meet up with friends at home – you can still socialise with your nearest and dearest, but why not choose to do it at home over a movie or pizza night. No taxi bill and you can even wear your pj’s! 

– Be realistic – unless you can afford to invest most of your monthly wage into your wedding budget (and not many of us could do that), be realistic, saving will take time, but we promise it will be worth it. 

– Research until your hearts content – shop around and gather quotes from a number of each supplier but make sure you are happy with them and their work, don’t base your decision solely on their price. 

– Don’t let wedding planning rule your life – sure, there are moments you will feel knee deep in it, but don’t forget to sit back and enjoy the process! 

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(Image: Colin Colleran)