Planning Your Wedding? Don’t Forget These Things!

Planning & Advice

Wedding planning is FULL of making decisions and keeping track of to-do lists. It’s no wonder there are a few things that people forget! This list of 8 things will keep you on track with things couples often forget to think about when planning their wedding.



1. Have a bad weather plan

Always have a backup plan for the weather! This could be a marquee or umbrellas for the rain, cozy blankets and hot drinks for the cold and water bottles and sun cream for the heat.


2. Remember to budget for postage costs for your invitations and thank you cards

We know lots of couples who have simply forgotten it will cost money to send their invitations! This is your reminder to include an approximate cost within your budget and don’t get caught out. You should also consider the size and weight of your invites as this will affect the price it costs to post them.


3. Assign an ‘on the day’ person 

If you don’t want to be interrupted by phone calls while you’re getting ready in the morning (who does?!) then delegate this responsibility to a family member, somebody on the wedding party and/or the wedding coordinator. That person can make sure lost guests know who to phone and suppliers know who to check in with when they arrive.


4. Ask guests and the wedding party about any food allergies and diet restrictions

The easiest way to keep track of this is to include a card within your invitations, which should be relayed on to the catering team at your venue.


5. Provide your on the day suppliers with a meal 

Weddings are long, tiring days for your suppliers, especially the photographer and videographers. It’s only fair to provide them with a meal at the reception to keep them going until they’ve captured every little detail.


6. Assign one person to return any items after the day

Hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to head away after your wedding day, so it’s great idea to ask a member of the wedding party, your family or friends to return any items that need left back such as the suits or decor items. And don’t forget about the gifts and cards!


7. Include time and budget for alterations

Finding your wedding dress is only the start of the puzzle piece! Make sure you leave plenty of time, and have some budget set aside for alterations for both your bridesmaids and your own gown.


8. Remember to eat during your wedding prep

The morning of your wedding will be exciting and can be pretty hectic, and not to mention filled with nerves and emotion. Even if you don’t feel like eating very much, that’s exactly what you should do to ensure you are ready for the celebration. Light bites such as fruit and pastries, plus plenty of water is a good idea.