Style Tips For The Mother of the Bride (and Groom!)

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mother of the bride

For a Mother of the Bride, and of course the Groom too, seeing their child getting married is a huge milestone in their life and one they want to look and feel their best at. When it comes to choosing their outfit it can sometimes be a little daunting. From where to start and what colour to wear, it’s exciting and maybe even a little intimidating – today we’re here to help as we share our top style tips for finding the perfect outfit. 

1. Be search savvy 

If you’re beginning your hunt online, don’t just type in ‘MOB dresses’ to the search box! This could limit your results and make you miss the ideal dress. Think about features you’d like such as sleeve length or colour and you will be delivered a wider range of super stylist search results. 

2. Chat to the bride/groom 

Once the bride has chosen her dress and the bridesmaids, have a chat with them about what they think would work alongside their looks. They may want you to coordinate with a tonal colour, or they might suggest you go against the grain and choose a complementing shade. At the end of the day, they’ll want you to be happy no matter what you wear! 

3. Show off your assets

Whilst your Childs wedding day isn’t the time to bare a lot of skin, do work with what you have and show off your assets. There’s nothing wrong with drawing attention to the part of your body you feel great about, whether that’s a sleeveless dress highlighting your arms, or a belted dress nipping in your waistline. 

4. Be creative with your colour palette

If you know what colours work best with your skin tone, use that as a starting point. No colours should be off the table whether that’s jewel shades or metallics. 

5. Stay simple

A classic choice will always work brilliantly and ensure you won’t regret your choice years later. 

6. Keep things smooth

If your outfit is fitted wearing great shape wear is a must. It will not only help nip and tuck but make sure your outfit sits just as it should and looks it’s best. 

(Featured image: John Charles)