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Supplier Spotlight: The Glenview Hotel on Planning a Wedding in Less Than 6 Months

Today we’re joined by wedding planner Alina from the Glenview Hotel who is sharing their top tips for planning a wedding in just six months! Over to Alina…Ever wished your Big Day was here sooner? Traditionally, the average planning period is 15 months, however there’s no hard and fast rule as each couple’s needs and circumstances are different. As a matter of fact, we’re starting to see more and more couples turning to shorter engagements. Here at the award-winning Glenview Hotel with our expertise and years of experience, we are ready and happy to take the challenge!

Less is More

Planning a wedding in just six months can be ideal for lots of reasons:

  • There is less time to stress
  • It’s more romantic, keeping the momentum and the excitement alive
  • There’s not enough time to over-think and over analyse every little detail! And you won’t have the time to mull over decisions and keep changing your mind about details like the theme, colours and style
  • There’ll be  little room for second guessing yourself for example ‘Did I choose the right suppliers?’ or ‘Do I still like my dress?’
  • You won’t go over your budget – the more time you have, the more reasons you might find to keep adding in little extras
  • You can often get good deals for late availability from suppliers
  • And the best reason of all – you get to be married sooner!

glenview-hotel-weddinghotel-wedding-venues-glenview-hotel-and-leisure-club-9hotel-wedding-venues-glenview-hotel-and-leisure-club-8hotel-wedding-venue-glenview2014-9-27 Amy and Stephen Glenview

Where to Start

Whether you’ve two years or six months to plan your day, it can be a big undertaking. But there are certain things that need to be tackled straight away – book your venue first to ensure you secure a date and then start on paperwork and other big items like photographer, videographer and band to ensure you get your top suppliers.Opt for One LocationCombining the ceremony and reception to just one location can help you save on fees, travelling time, transportation and decoration costs. Even better when you have a choice of a garden ceremony! During the spring and summer months, our gardens are perfect for outdoor ceremonies and are a truly magical setting. As we’re in Ireland and you can never predict  or rely on the weather, we always have a plan B and our ceremony room indoors is always on standby. We don’t charge room hire, we also organise the décor and make recommendations in addition to putting you in touch with various Celebrants depending on the type of ceremony you are looking for. Of course if you would prefer a church wedding, there are beautiful churches nearby – we have it all covered.What’s Included?Have a chat with the in-house coordinator or planner about what’s included in the package so you know what’s left to tackle. They may even be able to help you with any queries you have or point you in the right direction. The Glenview Hotel offers all inclusive packages, no service charge and bar extension is included which makes budgeting easier. We offer full and exclusive use of our unique location and a stunning natural backdrop for your wedding pictures.In-House PlannerThe wedding planning can seem overwhelming so avail of the hotel’s in-house planner if they have one. We have our own in-house planner at the Glenview to help you with your planning. Having a good wedding planner can not only get you started but they can also guide you through the planning process, saving you time and money. We also have trusted suppliers that we can recommend which will reduce the time you have to spend doing research – we will ensure that they meet all your needs based on your style and budget. We can liaise with and arrange appointments for you here at the Glenview Hotel. We work very closely with our couples, advising on all aspects from wedding styling and themes to party ideas. And if you’re keen to continue the celebrations the following day, we can help you organise a post wedding dinner or BBQ party the day after.Location LocationEnquire about accommodation for your guests and block book a group of rooms to ensure that guests are close by. It’s also worth checking if they have special accommodation rates for your guests – the Glenview Hotel offers special rates for all wedding parties.reception-table-the-glenview-hotel-wicklowglenview-hotel-reception-roomglenview-hotel-champagnethe-glenview-hotel-wedding-canapesthe-glenview-hotel-wedding-foodglenview-hotel-gardens-outdoor-swingFor further information on the Glenview Hotel please contact the wedding team on 01 274 0080, by emailing [email protected] or visiting the website

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