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10 Beautiful Spring Buttonholes

Buttonholes or boutonnieres, no matter what you call them, these sweet little treats for the lapel are works of art! Traditionally wore by the grooms party, today we have ten beautiful spring buttonholes to inspire you and your groom. The … Read More »


10 Dapper Grooms in Black Tie

This time of year is super popular for formal, black tie weddings and today to round off the week, we’re having a look at dapper grooms in black tie attire.  There is nothing more timeless than a groom in formalwear … Read More »

Boys In Blue: Grooms Spring Style

Spring is here and with it wedding season 2019 has arrived! We’re looking forward to discovering the gowns all you Mrs-to-be’s have been choosing, and of course the suits your groom will be going for.  Spring is a great time … Read More »


For The Groom: High Street Suits You’ll Wear Again

Have you thought about purchasing a suit from the high street for your groom? Some grooms prefer to buy their Big Day suit, maybe because they like the idea of having it forever, or because they find a style that … Read More »

10 Stylish Spring Bow Ties for the Groom

We’ve shared our love of bow ties before – check out these grooms who really rocked them here – and we’d bet in 2019 the love affair will continue! From floral to striped, purple silk ribbon to textured tweed, give … Read More »


What Your Groom Should & Shouldn’t Be Wearing in 2019

We share lots and lots (and lots!) of amazing wedding dresses here on, and not enough groomswear. Well, today we’re going to try to put that right as we let you in on the secrets of what your groom … Read More »

7 Wedding Planning Tasks for the Groom

We’re not being judgemental when we say that *most* Irish weddings are planned 95% by the brides, but thankfully this is a fact that’s changing, year on year. More and more grooms are super interested and are helping out and … Read More »