Tasty Experience! Q&A with The Wild Grazer

The Wild Grazer

You really can’t beat a great cheese board to set off any occasion, and that includes your wedding! With the rise of fabulous dining options at weddings we have been chatting to Sarah Mc Gree of Kilkenny based, The Wild Grazer. 

Today we’re excited to share all her insider knowledge if you fancy adding decadent grazing boards to your wedding banquet… 

The Wild Grazer

Q: How do couples choose the food elements for their grazing boards?

Sarah: It’s super simple, I have a beautiful menu filled with the most amazing Irish cheeses for couples to choose from. They can choose cheeses that they love, cheeses that are made somewhere special to them or they can even request international cheeses if they really know exactly what they want. I am happy to give recommendations, some couple even have me pick all their menu for them and similarly I love when a couple want to have something special to them ie. cheeses from where they’re from, cheeses from where they got engaged, cheeses from where they went on their first trip together etc, I am here to bring couples visions to life, whether that vision is already crystal clear or if they want me to help curate the vision for them!

The Wild Grazer

Q: How it is the grazing board displayed? 

Sarah: I not only provide visually stunning boards but I curate the whole table display to be a wow moment when guests enter the room. I use florals in keeping with the theme and colours of the wedding to create a centrepiece that absolutely wows guests visually. I use handcrafted cheeses boards and rustic risers to create an all round vibrant rustic display. I also offer single serves that are a great grab and go option. I have recently just build a cheese wall – it’s a stunning 6 foot wall with 35 boards on the wall that each will have a beautiful single serve boat on it. The wall is decorated with flowers and is most definitely a statement piece!

The Wild Grazer

Q: What about allergies, how can we keep guests with allergies included? 

Sarah: Each menu includes tasting notes and allergy information so couples can pick and choose what they want to include or omit from their display. 

The Wild Grazer

Q: What you think 2024 will bring in terms of dining options at weddings?

Sarah: People are constantly trying to do something different on their wedding day, I really think more and more couples are moving away from the very traditional experience for weddings, looking to create unique memories. I feel like grazing and cheese wheel wedding cakes are something that give couples that option to be different. So I feel businesses like mine are quite on trend regarding food and experience. If you want to add a unique element to your wedding, something that gets your guests talking and creates a truly memorable experience then absolutely choose a Wild Grazer grazing table!

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