Top Photography Tips For Winter Weddings

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We’ve said it lots over the past few weeks, but winter weddings really are extra magical! One thing that will differ quite a bit from weddings held during spring and summer is the photography. With less light and more chance of rain, and even snow, we’ve got some great photography tips to ensure you get the best photos from your special day. 

Tip 1: Timing is everything 

The sun (if you’re lucky enough to see it!) sets much earlier during winter so darkness descends a lot earlier than in summer. You will therefore have to adjust your photo schedule to make use of the available light. Opting for an earlier ceremony time is a great way to help overcome this problem. Your photographer will have lots of ideas to help you maintain a leisurely flow to your day. 

Tip 2: Utilise your venue 

You may think that wedding photos should be taken outside but your venue will no doubt have lots of beautiful locations indoors to make use of. From the twinkly lights on the Christmas tree to candlelit rooms, your wedding planner should be able to share the insider info on the best spots to use. 

Tip 3: Be all weather ready 

With a winter wedding it’s best to be prepared with umbrellas, cover ups and sturdy boots – it’s best to have them at the ready even if in the end you don’t use them. 

Tip 4: Hand warmers

You’ll be clutching your bouquet for quite a while and this combined with chilly temperatures will make your hands cold. Keep them warm with hand warmers (available easily online) or a pair of pretty gloves. 

Tip 5: Choose the best photographer 

Photographing a winter wedding is more challenging so ensure you have chosen the perfect wedding photographer by chatting to them about their winter wedding plan, your venue, the light and what flash equipment they may use. 

Tip 6: Embrace the day 

There’s very little you can do about the weather your wedding day brings, whether that is rail, hail, sleet or snow! Embrace whatever you get, get your smile on and embrace it! Your photographer is the professional and if you’ve chosen perfectly, you can be happy they have the job all under control. 

(Image: Alex Zaradov Photography)