Twice The Fun: This Is Why You Need A Day Two Wedding Celebration

Planning & Advice

Why just have the craic on your wedding day when you can do it the next day too? The day after your wedding is the perfect opportunity to relax with your guests! In fact, we think it’s a pretty great opportunity to extend the festivities. Fancy a Day Two wedding celebration?

Featured image credit: Alan Dunne Photography

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For guests who’ve traveled

Consider any out of town guests who are taking the time and spending the money to travel to your wedding. Why not make the journey even more worth their while by giving them a Day Two celebration to attend?


You’ll be more relaxed

Of course your actual wedding is going to be an amazing day, there’s no doubt about that. But so many couples are nervous on the day that it takes a while to really settle in and start having fun. Now think about all the extra fun you’ll have if you’ve got a second day lined up to celebrate!


Less rushed

With twice the amount of time to party, catch up with guests, take photos together and enjoy your entertainment, you’ll feel less rushed. You’ll have two days to do all the things you love with all the people you love!


Twice the entertainment

If you’re trying to decide between two bands, two DJs or two comedians, why not hire one for the wedding and one for the Day Two celebration? Win win!


More time to dance

That’s right, with a Day Two wedding celebration, you can have even more time to celebrate. That means more time on the dance floor, more time to jam along to all the songs you love, and more time spent with your loved ones.


A new theme

Sometimes one theme and one set of decor just isn’t enough! A Day Two wedding could be the answer to your problems. Consider using your Day Two wedding to either extend your theme or to incorporate different elements that don’t quite fit with the theme you’ve already chosen.