Veil Or No Veil? Your Wedding Day Options!

Fashion & Jewellery

As you start planning your wedding day bridal look, one factor to consider is this: veil or no veil?

A veil has a timeless appeal and is a classic wedding day accessory that, if we’re honest, we don’t wear any other time! So why not?

But if you’re still on the fence, here’s everything you need to know about a wedding day veil so you can make an informed decision!


Types of veils

  • Birdcage: A small veil which covers just part of the face. It’s often a stiff or structured fabric, perfectly matching an up do.
  • Blusher: A sheer veil, fastened to the crown of the head and covering the entire face.
  • Juliet cap: A veil that shrouded the crown and covers part of the forehead like a hat.
  • Mantilla: A single layer of fabric, often trimmed with lace, attached from the back of the hairline over the head and draped over the shoulders.
  • Double tier: Two layers of fabric, usually different lengths.
  • Drop veil: Meant to sit over the face during the ceremony and pulled back afterwards to create a two layered veil.


Veil length options:

  • Shoulder length: Versatile and complements different styles of dress.
  • Elbow length: Elegant and classic.
  • Fingertip length: Creates a flattering silhouette and a beautiful balance between traditional and modern.
  • Chapel length: The longest option, great for a touch of drama.