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Ways to Honour Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a wonderful opportunity to think about lost loved ones. There are lots of special ways that you can incorporate them into your Big Day, by displaying photos, lighting a candle or doing something more subtle and sentimental.


A designated chair

A sweet way to remind yourself, and everybody present, that your loved ones are with you no matter what is to reserve a seat for them. Place a photo on a chair, a ‘reserved’ sign or an item of theirs.

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There are so many special ways to incorporate photos of lost loved ones into your wedding. You could have a special table just for them, or include photos of them amongst your decor as a symbol that they are there with you!

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Carry them with you

A touching way to remember lost loved ones is to wear something of theirs or to incorporate a photo of them into your tie, bouquet or dress.



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Light a candle

Lighting a candle is a special and symbolic way of remembering lost loved ones. You could do this as an intimate moment alone, make it part of your ceremony or put a table in plain sight so everybody can take part.

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Write a letter

A personal (and emotional) thing you could do is write a letter to the person or people you have lost. This is a sentimental way to include them in your special day.

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Make a toast

Another beautiful way to pay tribute to lost loved ones is to mention them in your wedding speech or toast!

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