Ways To Include Your Irish Heritage In Your Wedding

Décor & Flowers

If you’ve grown up in Ireland, you may want to incorporate some of your Irish heritage in your wedding day. There are lots of special ways you can do that. From your jewellery or colour scheme, to personal touches you add to your ceremony or wedding favours. Take a peek below at the many creative ideas.

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If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘tying the knot’, this is where it comes from! In this beautiful Celtic tradition, the couple’s hands are literally tied together to symbolise them joining together in marriage.


Irish dancing

Whether you hire in dancers to perform for guests or you teach them dances they can perform for each other, guests will love this!


A toast with Guinness

Include one of Ireland’s favourite drinks into your wedding speeches and toasts.

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The harp

The symbol of the harp and the beautiful sound that comes with it is well-known throughout Ireland!


Go green

Still looking for colour inspiration? Green is a classic Irish favourite! A simple way to incorporate this into your wedding is by getting your girls to don green bridesmaids dresses.

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Claddagh rings

The Irish Claddagh ring has an instantly recognisable design, consisting of two hands, a heart and a crown. The hands signify friendship, the heart symbolizes love, while the crown represents loyalty.


Irish castle

What better setting for your wedding than a castle? Ireland is home to some pretty spectacular castles which are perfect for weddings!

Markree Castle, Tony Thompson


Irish trad music

Nothing heralds the arrival of the bride quite like the sound of the pipes, which bring a unique and authentic mixture of ancient Irish culture and tradition to your wedding day.


The Irish horseshoe

The Irish Horseshoe is a symbol of luck and many couples choose to hang one somewhere on their wedding day. It’s important that the horseshoe faces up in a U shape!

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The shamrock is one of the most globally recognised symbols of Ireland!

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