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Wedding Ideas: Delicious Signature Wedding Cocktails

Perhaps a simple glass of Prosecco for the toast just isn’t for you. Maybe a glass of red wine as a welcome drink seems a little boring to you. Welcome to the world of signature wedding cocktails. We’ve gathered ten of our favourites, along with the recipes, to spice up your wedding drinks menu!

These drinks could be used for welcome drinks, something to sip on during cocktail hour or while eating dinner. Heck, you could even use them for the toasts and speeches! There’s no wrong way to incorporate these delicious wedding cocktails into the festivities. Your guests will LOVE them.

Grapefruit Cardamom Gin Fizz

Recipe serves 2

In a small jar with an airtight lid, add one cup of gin and six cardamom pods. Seal and store for 24 hours. In a small saucepan, simmer one cup of sugar, one cup of water and two rosemary sprigs until the sugar has dissolved. Remove the rosemary and use right away.

To create the cocktail, mix the infused gin with the rosemary syrup and 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice. Top with a splash of Prosecco and garnish with a sprig of rosemary and grapefruit peel.

The Modern Proper

Candyfloss Champagne

The recipe is simple. Start by adding candyfloss to each glass and then top with Champagne or Prosecco.

Unique Pastiche Events

Coconut Lavender Lemonade

Mix 1 1/2 cups of lemon juice with 1 3/4 cups of sugar, 8 cups of coconut water and 4 cups of water. Stir until the sugar has dissolved. Then add one additional cup of sugar, 3/4 cup of water and 1 1/2 tablespoons of dried lavender. Garnish with fresh lemon.

Eat Yourself Skinny

Popsicle Spritzer

Add fruit to the bottom of the glass, if desired. Place a fruit flavoured popsicle stick side up into the glass and top with sparkling water. Garnish with a lime slice.

Wedding Wire

Pineapple Mango Rum

Mix 3 parts pineapple coconut juice with 3 parts coconut rum, 1 part mango juice and 1 part orange juice. Stir and add a splash of grenadine for colour. Add lime, orange zest and edible flowers for garnish.

Paper n Stitch Blog

Cranberry Mojito

Add 1/2 cup of sugar to a cup and muddle with one handful of fresh mint. Add two limes sliced and one cup of cranberries. Pour in 1/2 cup of lime juice and one cup of rum and stir to dissolve sugar. Then pour in 1/2 cup of cranberry juice concentrate and stir. Top off with one cup of sparkling water and garnish with cranberries, mint and a fun straw.

The Westmill Venue

Blackberry Bramble

Mix 1/2 cup of blackberries with 1/4 cup of lemon juice, 1/4 cup of simple syrup, 1/4 cup of blackberry liqueur and 1/2 cup of dry gin. Top off with a splash of ginger brew or soda and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

A Communal Table

Blood Orange and Elderflower Sparkler

Mix 4 litres of champagne or Prosecco with 1 1/2 litres of gin, two cups of elderflower juice concentrate, 1 1/2 fresh blood orange juice, one bar spoon of simple syrup and a few dashes of bitters. Garnish with a blood orange slice.

Craft and Cocktails

Fizzy Spiked Pear

Recipe serves 12

Pour four cups of pear juice, 1/4 cup of vanilla vodka, and 1/2 cup of simple syrup into a pitcher and stir. Pop one bottle of champagne or Prosecco and slowly pour into the pitcher. Stir to mix. Adjust the sweetness by adding more simple syrup if necessary. Garnish with one pear sliced (you can use a mandolin for this).

The Sweetest Occasion

Watermelon and Honeydew Sangria

Recipe makes 7.5 litres

Mix one bottle of dry white wine with one cup of gin or vodka, 1/2 cup of orange liqueur and 4 cups of ginger ale. Garnish with one sliced cucumber, 5 cups of honeydew cubed, 12 cups of watermelon cubed, a handful of mint leaves, 1 lemon sliced, 2 limes sliced, and 15 strawberries sliced.

Sugar and Charm

Main image credit: Snippet and Ink

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