Wedding Wednesday: Three Things A Pro Would Never Do At Their Wedding [Episode 75]


If you’ve ever wondered what sets apart a regular wedding from the wedding of a pro, well, this is it. There are three things a pro would never do at their wedding and I’m about to dish the dirt. 



Episode breakdown

A pro would never: Lose sight of the main focus

Wedding professionals have been planning and executing weddings for years and they’ve probably seen hundreds of weddings. They have literally seen it all. 

For this reason, they’re able to separate the overwhelm that comes from focusing on the details from the main focus: celebrating their love. 

Wedding pros know that the details are beautiful, but they are nothing compared to a celebration of love. 


So here’s how to keep the main focus central:

  • Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by details that nobody else will notice (like do the napkins match the colour of the bridesmaids dresses)
  • Put your other half’s opinion higher than everybody else’s (if they like a type of cake that’s not considered elegant, who cares? Let them have what they love and you’ll both enjoy it even more)
  • Take time to invest in your relationship while planning your wedding (because at the end of the day, you’ll begin your marriage journey and you want it to be far more beautiful than the wedding, don’t you?)


A pro would never: get sidetracked by trends

Sure, a pro will probably incorporate their favourite trends into their wedding, because why not? But they won’t allow trends to dictate every aspect of the wedding. 

Here’s what wedding pros do instead: they opt for classic!


Here’s how to do that for your own wedding:

  • Choose the trends you love and then don’t worry about the rest. 
  • Select a wedding dress because you love it and it fits you beautifully, not simply because it’s trendy (it may be trendy, a perfect fit and something you love – in which case, go for it)
  • Consider wedding activities and elements that are timeless – things like a delicious meal and a band that will have everyone on the dance floor and then add other things that you love (this may be a magician, caricaturist or candy buffet)


A pro would never: say yes to stress

I know what you’re thinking: of course a pro wouldn’t get stressed, they do this for a living!

Well, with weddingsonline and the Wedding Wednesdays Podcast, you can also plan your wedding like a pro would. The first step is to get organised. 

In episode 73 of the podcast, we shared a whole guide to becoming the most organised bride. I walked you through specific things you can do to remain focused on the main goal, keep all your checklists, invoices and correspondence in one place and to plan your wedding in such a way that it doesn’t take over the rest of your life. 

Those are all the things a pro would do, so take a listen to that episode. 


Here are a few pointers from the episode to help you out:

  • Take time to familiarise yourself with your wedding vision and then ditch all the overwhelming inspiration that contradicts your vision. 
  • Create an online or physical wedding planning system that works for you and stick with it! No more loose papers with wedding quotes written on them. 
  • Use a wedding planning checklist so you know which tasks to do when!
  • Work with professional wedding suppliers and listen to their suggestions and advice. 
  • Do whatever you can to continue with normal life so that you don’t let your wedding take over!