Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Planners, Venue Coordinators, Event Stylists – Who Does What? [Episode 48]


In last week’s episode, I spoke about being fully present on your wedding day, and one of my tips was to hire a wedding planner so you can fully focus on the day.

You can be the most hands-on couple, but you still don’t want to be setting up your own wedding tables, putting out flowers and lighting candles. So, while you’re getting your hair and makeup done – and enjoying a glass of bubbly with your besties – whose job is it to make sure all your plans come to life? 

Do you know the difference between a wedding planner, a venue coordinator and an event stylist – and do you know what they all do? 


Episode breakdown

Venue coordinator

You’ll find yourself emailing your wedding venue coordinator A LOT!

Their main role: be the link between you and your wedding venue. Essentially, a venue coordinator is a venue liaison and will make sure everything that happens at the venue runs smoothly. 

In short: if it falls under the remit of your wedding venue, your venue coordinator will handle it. 

Most will go above and beyond to do whatever possible to make your day amazing, but there are some things that are technically NOT on their responsibility list:

  • Make sure each supplier is in place
  • Remind you to start speeches
  • Put flowers and decor out
  • Ensure your gifts are packed away at the end of the day

Things they will do:

  • Help you with your menu (if your venue is catering)
  • Help with table layout and arrange setup of tables and chairs (if they supply furniture)
  • Communicate with all venue staff to keep the day flowing  


  • Work with your suppliers 
  • Can recommend suppliers they have worked with
  • Can turn around the room between ceremony and reception
  • Can set up the venue for you, provide stage etc (but won’t put out name cards or confirm that the band have done a sound check)


Wedding planner

Full wedding planner:

  • Help you find your venue
  • Source suppliers
  • Bring your vision to life
  • Help you stay in budget
  • Set up the venue
  • Check on all suppliers

You can be as involved or uninvolved as you want to be!

Day of wedding planner / coordinator: 

  • You could do most of the planning, but they will come in and make everything happen on the day
  • Will recommend suppliers
  • Work with you on creating a timeline
  • Hand over your plans for them to take over
  • Handle set up of the venue
  • Make sure everything runs on time


Event stylist

This person will design your wedding and focus on the aesthetics.

  • Colour palettes and themes
  • Set up on the day
  • Great if you have a blank canvas style wedding venue
  • Helpful if you know what you want your wedding to look like but you don’t know how to execute your vision
  • Also good if you have no idea what you want your wedding to look like
  • Often they come with amazing decor pieces
  • Can work with your other suppliers to create a bespoke look