What is a ‘Homeymoon’ and is it for You?

Covid-19, Honeymoon

For anybody who has had to shuffle their wedding plans around because of Covid, undoubtedly your honeymoon plans have been put on pause too. If you’re up for being a little creative, a homeymoon is the perfect way to celebrate your love and take some time out.

A ‘homeymoon’ is a honeymoon at home. Kind of like a ‘staycation’ but for couples who are meant to be jetting off on their dream post-wedding holiday! Here are some tips for you so pull off a special homeymoon that you’ll never forget.


Embrace your dream honeymoon location

Is there a place you were planning on travelling to for your honeymoon? Embrace the location and experiment with tasty cuisine, virtual tours, learning the language and decorating your home. We’ve heard of creative couples buying beautiful indoor plants to mimic a tropical location they had hoped to visit on honeymoon.


Choose your social media strategy

Before your homeymoon begins, decide what your social media presence will be like. Are you the type of couple to document all the fun and games for everybody to see, or are you in need of a much-needed break from social media? There’s no right or wrong option, but it is important to choose what you’d like to do before the fun begins.


Be a tourist in your own home town

If you feel safe doing so, and if your home town will allow it, now’s a great time to go for beautiful walks around town. You might find yourself roaming through cobblestoned streets, exploring nearby forests or enjoying gorgeous lakeside views.


Go on a virtual tour

There are some beautiful virtual tours available online! Click here to view 30 virtual tours of museums, zoos and theme parks. A little cultural experience, viewing amazing art, learning something new, and checking out rollercoasters you’ve always wanted to ride – it’s almost as good as being there yourself!


Have a spa day

We get it, there’s nothing better than being pampered by somebody else. But a close second is at-home face masks, foot rubs and shoulder massages. That’s something you can easily recreate as you spoil one another!


Pitch a tent

If you’re anything like me, you’re always up for a backyard camping trip. And if you’re anything like my husband, you’d prefer to pitch a tent in the lounge or make a blanket fort. Either way, use this opportunity to create a fun, relaxed and romantic mood in your lounge or garden.


Relax with books and movies

Nothing says homeymoon quite like working your way through a good book or binge watching your favourite movies on Netflix! Click here to check out all 85 books on Oprah’s Book Club list and click here to take a look at the best movies in Netflix Ireland at the moment (June 2020).


Whip out the lingerie

There’s never been a better occasion to wear your sexiest underwear than on your homeymoon! Buy something new as a surprise for your Other Half and select the perfect, romantic evening to show it off.


Have a candlelit dinner

Our list would be incomplete without noting a candlelit dinner, the epitome of romance. Whether you cook something together or order in, set the table, light some candles, put on some light jazz and open a bottle of your favourite wine!