20 week scan - full bladder??

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jakers Posts: 17
Hi Ladies, I've my 20 week scan this morning and was wondering do I need to have a full bladder. I wasn't told at my last appointment. jakers
nextyear Posts: 62
No, I had one a few days ago and you don't. You don't need to give a urine sample either - I was holding it all in just in case!
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
No defo dont need one, Good luck with it :wv
jakers Posts: 17
Thanks for that ladies. A full bladder wasn't even mentioned at scan. All is well with our little one - measurements are exactly to date which is a great relief! jakers
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Depends - so better to go with a full one - easier empty than fill! On my first boy they couldn't do full scan as babs was lying low and they wanted me to fill my bladder to push up the baby or something.