3 month old baby - maybe pregnant again...

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Anon_Mum Posts: 6
Hi, I've posted on M&K as well but just wondered if anyone would have any advice over here, thanks... Hi all, I am a regular poster on here but decided to go anon for the time being, as know a lot of people on the site. I have a beautiful three month old baby. Already got my first AF after the section but am now late. Have not gone back on the pill yet but planned to. Myself & hubbie have been careful to an extent. I haven't done a test as to be honest I'm afraid to as wasn't planning on getting pregnant for a long time. Had an extremely rough pregnancy but obviously was all worth it as I love my baby so much. Just wondered can AF be all over the place for the first few months after you give birth? Also, I wondered if it turns out that I am pregnant again, is it very dangerous to be pregnant this soon after a c section? Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated as I'm really confused at the moment. Thanks so much.
chicam Posts: 1169
Hiya, not sure exactly of the answer but didn't want to read & not post a reply. I believe in relation to AF that it can be all over the place after any birth, section or not, and even if you get your first one they take a while to become 'regular' again. I don't know the answer to getting pregnant after a c-section for definite, but have heard that unless there were complications or the scar was infected then a subsequent pregnancy and VBAC shouldn't be a problem....although I'm sure someone else who knows better may contradict that reply and please do! Hope it works out for you the way you want xx
mamabelle Posts: 1101
Congrats on your baby - you must be thrilled. Don't be worrying about number 2. You won't be the first or last to have found yourself in this situation. Apparently the main risk (which is very slim) is uterine rupture during VBAC. So if you are preggers again your doc may recommend elective section. If you google Pregnancy After C Section you'll read lots of stories from people that have gotten pregnant soon after birth that have been fine. Best of luck.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
I'm 12 months exaclty older than my sister and I was born by c-section. now this was 26 years ago but everything was fine. And my sis is my best friend. And as the girls said you AF may not have settled down yet.
Rocky Posts: 465
Hi Anon_Mum, Im in that exact position at the moment- im 35weeks tomorrow, got pregnant exactly 3 mths after c-section last sept. Our DD will be 1 on 13th and im due 2nd baby on 16th - yahoo cant wait :o)ll Ive been told that they'll decide on my next clinic visit, whch is on wed, whether i have to have 2nd c-section or not. They wanted me to decide myself because of the danger of scar rupturing during labour(1 in 200 chance), but id be afraid to, so hoping they make the decision for me. Only got one comment from the reg i met who asked me was i told not to get pregnant for at least 18mths after c-section. i said nobody told me (which they didnt) and all he said was, ah sure too late now :o0 This pregnancy is going flying up to now, have had no problems at all. Baby was breech at last scan but that can happen to anyone. I'd say don't be too afraid, sure we have to deal with whatever comes our way. Our 1st DD is nearly 11 mths and has only slept a full night- 3 times but i still cant wait for this lovely baby to come. Im sure it will be hard at the start as more than likely she wont be walking but we'll deal with that when we come to it that's my story anyway, the very best of luck to you whatever the outcome, and remember we're very lucky to be able to get pregnant so if it ends up that you are, put on a big smiley face and say how lucky are we to have 2 babies in the 1 year :o)ll Rocky
Anon_Mum Posts: 6
Girls thank you all so much for your replies. I most definitely will do a test tonight and go from there. Rocky, it was so great to read your story. A huge congratulations to you. I'm sure your two babies will be the best of friends. I totally agree that it would be a blessing if I was pregnant again but I've lost two babies already and nearly lost my precious little man (but thankfully he was born healthy & everything was ok) so I'm really frightened that something could go wrong again. I couldn't deal with another loss. I will let ye know either way what the results of the test are. Thanks again for sharing your story.
Jolee Posts: 567
hi anon mum, i was in the exact same position .... until this morning. I have a 14 week old baby and got my 1st AF when he was 6 weeks. did not get my second one until this morning!! i was so convinced i was pregnant again and although at first i was in shock i must say i was dissapointed when i got my 'visitors' this morning! how messed up am i!?!?!? the funny thing is i was on my way to buy a test when i got them in the shopping centre!! bad thing is they came with a bang, im in bits today!! When I rang DH he was upset that i wasnt pregnant coz he thought i was too!!! guess we have to talk about when to have the next one now!! we werent planning on having number 3 at any stage in the near future but sure we'll see. hope you get the result you want on your test tonight!