33 weeks pregnant - appetite out of control!

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Daff Posts: 11644
don't worry about baby, they'll take what they need and leave you the crap leftover :o0 THey're just piliing on the weight now which makes you feel extra hungry. My weight gain was ok with DD and then in the last two weeks I put on about 10lbs :ooh I was the same, couldn't stop eating everything and anything, mainly bad stuff. Just go with it I say. Probably only time in your life you can get away with eating like that and in reality with two weeks left you can't really put on that much weight fat wise. Might just mean a little extra work after but you'll be run ragged. Sure now DD is one I can't eat in front of her anythign that she can't eat, so it'll be a forced diet soon enough!
CrappityCrap Posts: 1468
I'm like this too Kitz but its not sweets I'm craving but food, lots and lots of food!! I'm snacking on fruit during the day and yoghurts. Can't get enough bread and savoury things in me!! I have a craving right now for curry chips that I am trying not to give into!! I have put on 10 lbs in the last 4 weeks :eek And I still have 11 weeks to go!!! I would say just go with it, don't worry about the baby, I ate tonnes of crap on dd and she was healthy out thank god!