7 weeks and need excuse for not drinking....................

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whiteroses Posts: 150
Hi folks, I am now 7 weeks pregnant and absolutely delighted! Only have one prob, have a friends wedding coming up shortly, need an excuse as to why I am not drinking! I have already said that I am sick, have bad migraine, have the runs etc..................all my friends will be there for the session and I have no idea what excuse I am going to use this time.........just dont want anyone knowing our good news until I am 12 weeks................................. any suggestions would be really appreciated!
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Can you pretend to be drinking?? What do you normally drink?? I had a wedding when I was about the same stage as you and this worked a treat for me - we stayed on our own and didn't get into a round, and my dh would get me a lucozade at the bar and pour it into a glass (I usually drink bulmers), and then would get two bottles the odd time for show and bring them to the table - but would be sneakily drinking mine as well as his own. Then later on I went onto the 'gin' - i.e. 7up!!!. I knew full well any of the usual excuses wouldn't be believed since I was with a couple of mothers who've been there and done it!!
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
anti-biotics, anti-histamines? I am taking AH myself and you just cannot drink with those, I am getting a few funny looks also :-8 What if you invented something v important you have to go to the following day so you don't want to chance driving after drinks the night before?
Miami07 Posts: 9
Hey there, a few of the girls who came to my wedding were pregnant. What they did was got their partners to go up to buy them non alcoholic Becks or whatever at the bar, pour them into glasses (at the bar also) and brought them to the table. They said they didnt like wine and made sure they always had a few lined up so they didnt have to accept drinks from others. Just a suggestion, might work for you!!
molls Posts: 149
Would it be an option to pretend that you are drinking? Take a glass of wine at the meal and get your partner to drink it on the sly? Then drink orange juice or seven up for the evening, claim there's a short in it and, whenever any offers to buy you one, say you are alright for now. If someone does get you a drink, you could pass it to your partner. Don't forget to make comments about the terrible hangover you had last week, to throw people off the scent.
daddyrchips Posts: 51
Hi wr, could you not say something like you have a wisdom tooth infection and are on antibiotics? Or Just try to make sure you and your Hubby don't get in rounds and look after yourselves drinkwise, like if your drinking vodka and 7up they won't notice thats there's no vodka in it. All else failing if people do notice i don't think they'd be rude enough to say something to your face. Good Luck I know how you feel, had to do the same myself! :wv
whiteroses Posts: 150
Thanks girls I will pretend that I am drinking then, prob the best idea..................I drink beer normally or wine, sometimes magners, will get my hubby to buy me drink and of course he will on his element if he has to drink it all!!!!!! Thanks again....................also need to get an outfit to disguise my belly lol, honestly I am showing already!
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I nursed a glass of Becks(non alcoholic) mixed with sparkling water for about three hours a few weeks ago. we had just found out and had LOADS of people over for a bbq including both sets of parents. It seemed to work. Best of luck!!!
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
If you normally drink beer, you could always get a glass of ginger ale with a guinness head. Noone will know its not lager!