ACCA exams over- how did ye get on?

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Mrs CB Posts: 113
At last finished! Hardly know what to do with myself these days. I should clear away the notes and books but haven't been bothered yet. How did everyone doing them feel they went? I did the last 4 inc. Audit but was only really attempting 2 the audit and corporate reporting. I found the 3.5 didn't go as well as i had hoped. There were so many parts to it. I made up everything for 3.6 but was writing for the entire exam. 3.7 I made it up as i couldn't remember it from 2.4. Apparently its not on the new exams. Anyway they are done and dusted and we can all get back to wedding planning! Enjoy the summer. CB
sparkles Posts: 293
Hi Cookieb, I did my first two in May as CBE and passed both, so happy out!! Congratulations on finishing, O-O would love to be that far on. Relax and enjoy your summer now.