Acupuncture for severe sickness

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sinion Posts: 6050
Decided to try some acupuncture for the sickness as it's so severe I'm vomiting a minimum of three times a day, somedays everything I eat and drink comes back up and I end up a starving dehydrated mess, that's along with the 24 extreme nausea that has me literally gagging all day long, I have to keep spitting up my saliva as if I swallow it I'll vomit it back up. So I went on Friday (Josephine Lynch, colleague of Celine Leonard for those of you who went to her with help TTC) and she was fabulous, so kind and really sympathised with me. I only found out afterwards that the nausea points are inside the wrists but oh my god the pain when she put the needles in there! :ooh only lasted a second but it was shooting pain down into my fingers. Well anyway, the end result is I haven't vomited once since then, still have bad nausea but not enough to make me sick and I can not only eat, but actually enjoy some food!! I'm just amazed at the results, I even got a bit of an energy boost and i've been quite active this weekend, went for a long walk with the dogs to the beach and just loved it. so for those of you suffering badly I highly recommend it. She did warn me beforehand that it doesn't always work for everyone, but I'm just so glad I tried as I actually feel a bit human again! I'll wait and see if it starts to wear off then go for some more :o)ll
oirish Posts: 1541
oh Sinion that's fantastic ! you should keep it up for a few weeks if you can afford it :) Acupuncture is amazing, I dunno why I never thought to go for the sickness - maybe i'l give it a go now cos i'm STILL throwing up at least once or twice a day ! It deffo helped me stay pregnant this time :D
sinion Posts: 6050
Oh Oirish, you're still being sick?? you poor thing!! yeh give it a go, no harm and if it helps its just such a relief. I'll definitely be going every week if I need it, it's money I'd have spent on drink each weekend anyway so it all evens out :o0
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
God, I wish someone had told me about that when I was pg! I was admitted to hospital sooooooooo many times with dehydration due to sickness, I would have definitely given it a go!! Glad to hear it worked for you!