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deisebabe Posts: 740
Girls Dere is porbably post up bout this but did search and couldn't find anything. D problem is me and himself have started talking about tryin for a baby early next year. I know thats a long way off but I just need a bit of advice. I have alway had very irregular periods. Icould go 2-3 months without any I once went 6 months. I am currently on the pill and the are now like clockwork but I no when I come off it to start tryin it will be back to the old way again. Just want to know has anyone had this problem before and does it make it harder to concieve and have they any advice. Thanks
Lucy D Posts: 91
Hi Lucky I don't have this problem personally ut my adive to you would be to go discuss it with your GP or a Gyn ans get their opinion on the whole things and how you should tackle it after all they are the experts. Best of luck.