advice on 3wk old vomitting

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lucyloo32 Posts: 957
our LO is a few days over 3 weeks and is vomitting during and after every feed the last two days. She still getting the same 3oz she has been all along. She is projectile at least 2-3 times after the feed and others are spit-ups but there could be over a dozen in the hour after feeding. she has been really restless and unsettled the past 24 hours. Temp is 37 (normal). She winds very well and isnt showing typical physical movements of being windy (kicks legs or throwing back her head) Rang PHN but she in on annual leave til Wed with no replacement. Finding the past 24 hours hell! Very worn out :o( Any suggestions?
mamime Posts: 791
just seeing your post now got no replys, how are you? did you get sorted? how is your LO doing?