Allergic to Pregnacare Plus

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moodle Posts: 124
Hi Ladies, I'm looking for advice. I've been taking pregnacare plus since I first found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks. From the outset I have been very sick with MS and vomiting a few times a day every day. About a week ago I stopped taking it because I ran out of it and just didnt get a chance to go to the shops to buy more. For that week I felt great, no sickness or nausea. Anyhow about 3 days ago I started taking it again and low and behold I have started to feel sick again. I dont think this is a coincidence. So my question is what other supplements can I take instead? I’m 19 weeks now. Thanks for your help.
Flapjack Posts: 308
Had you been taking the tablet on an empty stomach? This happened to me with normal vitamin tablets, and that was the cause.
ellise Posts: 26
What time of the day were you taking it? Sometimes if you take it early in the day it can make you really sick, I take mine at night now and feel great. If that doesn't work Pharmaton have one out which is meant to be good called Pharmaton Maturelle. :)
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I started the regular Pregnacare this week and I notice it does stress to take it with your main meal and not on an empty stomach!
PearlBaby Posts: 532
Bleugh - these made me so sick, full stomach or not. Doctor had originally recommended them and when i told her i was ill from them she said they dont agree with a lot women. I switched to regular folic acid.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I think once you stick to your folic acid that's the main thing. I also make sure to take mine after my main meal in the evening as I vomited them up when I took them in the morning. I think the B vitamins in them is what made me sick but I'm grand taking later in the day on a full tummy.
moodle Posts: 124
Thank you everyone for all your replies. I take the pregnancare after my dinner in the evening. So I am taking it on a full stomach, maybe as your Doc said Pearlbaby it just doesnt agree with every woman. Ellise, thank you for the heads up on the Pharmaton Maturelle, I'll try that and see how I go. Thanks again girls Moodle.
Fancy Nancy Posts: 71
I've been on a prenatal supplement made by NHP (Natural Health Pratice) since 12 weeks. Before this I was on their fertility supplement which I started taking about a month before getting pregnant. You take 2 tables - one in the morning and one in the evening. I got them in my local health shop and they seem to have all the vitamins and minerals needed. I showed them to the nurse in my maternity hospital and she said they were perfect. Here's a link to their webpage - I got my bloods taken at 15 weeks and my iron etc was fine. Feel pretty good now - even the real tiredness has lifted (am 22 weeks at the moment). These tablets seem to sit well with me and maybe because you're spilting the dose between morning and evening they're not as hard on your tummy??!!! I'd recommend them.
moodle Posts: 124
Thank you very much for that Fancy nancy, I'll def look into it.
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
you don't need a multi vitamin, just folic acid. the baby gets priority so will take all the vitamins it needs and anyway, is tiny at this stage so don't worry so long as you're getting folic acid.