Alterations prices-Bridal Outlet?

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lux Posts: 6270
I've my first fitting today and I am :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll ! My dress is lace and I know I need the bust and straps altered, also considering shortening the train. Any feedback on the prices for the Bridal Outlet?
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
I'd be interested too....collecting my dress on Friday!!!
Fuss Pot Posts: 405
Would be interested to hear this too, have my dress ordered here...
lux Posts: 6270
I had my fitting yesterday and my alterations are costing €250. I know someone who got alterations done elsewhere by a dressmaker for €200 so I think the prices are quite standard.
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
How did your engagement shoot go Lux?
lux Posts: 6270
Oh, must do a little report, thanks for reminding me!
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
No problem!
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
That's good they said to me around 200 so I'd be happy with anything around that mark! Can't wait to get it!!!!
Mrsdm Posts: 1136
Mine were €120 but didnt need too much done and the lenght wasnt adjusted. Ive heard the bridal outlet are quite expensive but to be honest i was really happy with them
jezabelle Posts: 607
I just had a look at this to see what prices are like in Dublin! When I was shopping in Dublin I noticed prices where quite high I got my dress in Wexford and it is €40 for the alterations and I am getting my bridesmaid dresses maid and they are costing €125 per dress and she does alterations to wedding dresses for €50 obviously country prices are cheaper!