Alternatives to white for wedding dress colour

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babscov Posts: 7
Hi guys, Just wondering did any of you ever consider an alternative colour to white for the wedding dress. This thought has crossed my mind here and there. I'm undecided but it would be great to hear your thoughts. I'm not thinking radically alternatives here - am more thinking off whites i.e ivory. Babs, xo
Positiveya Posts: 398
Hi Babs, I wore ivory for my wedding and I never thought of it being alternative. IMO I would have thought ivory, cream, oyster colours were common wedding dress colours and would never have considered them alternative. When I first read your title I thought it was going to be about cours such as red, black etc.
bee0606 Posts: 691
Apparently ivory is the most common colour choice for wedding dresses in Ireland … much kinder to pale Irish skin apparently. My dress is ivory.
Mrsvj Posts: 86
Pure white did very little for me whereas ivory and champagne coloured dresses worked much better. I was really surprised that the champagne colour worked so well tbh. In the end I chose ivory. Keep seeing very pale blush coloured dresses in magazines/Pinterest and I think they look beautiful and definitely something a little different!
babscov Posts: 7
Thanks for the feedback guys. I did see those pale blue dresses on pinterest Mrsvj. Some are beautiful. There is one in particular which I saw which has the traditional white fading into pale blue. Babs x
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
I've seen a few beautiful gold dresses in me time. Doesn't sound right on paper but it works. I wore claret meself. Which is a just a fancy way of saying plum-ish/purple-ish/deep red-ish. Kinda.