am driving myself a little crazy

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sally Posts: 1140
dont know what kind of response im looking for on this but need to share my feelings with someone (have already driven hubby crazy). We are going to start TTC in september and im just driving myself crazy with books on trying to concieve, pregnancy and looking up websites including this one every day. Im counting down the days till we can start and to be honest im going a little loo la. I cant wait till it turns july next week so its another month closer. The days seem to be going so slowly. I know sept isnt too far away, but to me it seems ages. We have lots planned between this and then... weddings, birthdays, holiday etc... so im keeping myself busy but im so obsessed with TTC that it all thats on my mind 24/7. Hubby reckons ill get myself so wound up that when the time comes it wont happen. How can i get this out of my head and try to live a half normal life between this and then..... am i just crazy or do other women go through this. In my defence I have been wanting to start trying since last sept so have been waiting long time so now its closer im getting obsessed. Help or ill end up divorced with no friends left they will be so sick of listening to me.
willthiswork Posts: 1995
I can't give you any advice but I do know how you feel. It is such a big decision to make and once it is made you can't help but think about it. People tell me I should calm down and it will happen but how do I stop thinking about it??
MrsHawaii05 Posts: 488
Hi Sally, you sound liek me no patience :D I know your dying to TTC but believe me, enjoy what you have now. Do you ahve a friend that has a baby by any chance? My advice to you would be to borrow the baby for a few hours or even better, overnight. This should then make you appreciate 8 hours sleep & being able to drop everything and walk out the door with not a second thought! I dont mean to sound like its all doom & gloom-its not at all but you completely change when you have a baby, you will enevr be the same again. So please try and enjoy your life as it is now, going to the pub, going to bed & sleeping for hours, nice weekends away etc to take your mind off Sept and then before you know it you will be PG :lol: :lol: I really dont mean to sound like a big granny ( im only 27) bu tplease dont wish your life away
Cowslip Posts: 761
Sally, I agree with MrsHawaii05, enjoy the time you have left. I was in the same boat as you, we put off trying for a few months but are trying this month and I can think of nothing else, in fact I could think of nothing else for the past four months and I also bought the baby books etc... I started to worry that all my thinking and worrying about it would stop me getting pregnant but I read on a website the other day that that kind of stress won't stop you getting pregnant as every one does the same thing, Will I get pregnant ? Are we doing it at the right time ? etc.. The kind of stress that might stop you getting pregnant is huge stress at work, a serious illness or death in the family etc... so I wouldn't worry about worrying, but do try and take your mind off it or you'll drive yourself mad. And do enjoy the time you have now for going out, eating and drinking what you like etc... as we are ttc now I am not drinking much and miss it already, its not like I ever drank that much but would certainly enjoy myself on a night out etc..... Before you know it it will be september and you'll be bd'ing to your hearts content ! Lucy
MrsJenni04 Posts: 422
Hi Sally Me and hubbie have been ttc since March, we get a little anxious around the time of when my period is due but we haven't got all technical because we still want to enjoy it and not get stressed about whether this is it or not. We have relatives staying with us for a couple of months so it has been difficult to sneek to the bedroom without everybody asking oh we were wondering where ye were. We want to enjoy our time we have together and if we get a surprise one month then we'll be happy. So fingers crossed!! :lol:
daisies Posts: 23
I'm a bit the same and this is the first month really tcc. I'm on day 35 but took a test this morning and it was neg. So now I am just dying for my AF to arrive so I can start again!! I think thats good advice tho about enjoying the time while we have it - no doubt when the bundle arrives we'll all be saying wouldnt it be great to just take off for a weekend, or decide to hit the pub on a friday after work! I suppose its like anything - buying a house, getting married - once you decide thats what you are doing its all you can think about.
sally Posts: 1140
Thanks girls for your replies, sorry its taken a few days to get back on here. Actually felt much better after writing the post, problem shared and all that. Think it was just my hormones last week as it was my time of the month. Although the evening after posting I went to coffee break at work (Iwork in a hospital) only to run into a group of ten pregnant women and their partners doing the ante-natal tour and then met them again on the way back.... and if that wasnt bad enough a girl at work had sent in lots of pics of her new baby (who of course Im delighted for, but it didnt help my mental state at that time.) But feeling much calmer now, and happy to sit it out for the next couple of months - for the moment at least. Might be back in here in a couple of weeks tearing my hair out again